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Im building a website that will list all the 100% legitimate work at home jobs from across the web in one place. This work from home job aggregator is like Jobster.com, SimplyHired.com or Indeed.com, except it will only list the jobs one can do from home. These jobs will be brought in from freelance sites like eLance.com and oDesk.com, but will also include telecommute jobs from sites like Monster.com and Hotjobs.com.

You can see our current site at http://www.workathomejobs.org. This site will be redesigned based on your logo.

The design you see at http://www.workathomejobs.org is just a place holder and SHOULD NOT influence your design at all. Not even one bit! Instead, a better influencer will be http://www.jobster.com.

The design of Jobster.com is more along the lines of what the site will eventually look like. After the upcoming redesign, our site will be clean, but not cold and stark like most corporate sites. It will be warm and inviting and thus use warm and inviting colors. The first step of the redesign is designing a great logo. Thus, YOUR LOGO will influence the overall design of the site. You establish the brand :-)


We need a great looking logo that will establish the overall design of the site. Your logo will be used to create a style guide for the rest of the site. We will redesign the site based on your logo. Were open to your suggestions and creative ideas. Please surprise and delight us :-)

The logo should not be cold and stark like usual corporate logo, instead it should use warm colors and convey the great feeling of working from home, being able to see your kids all the time and not having to be stuck driving in traffic for an hour a day to go to a job you dont even like. The logo should appeal to both men and women and thus should not lean too far in any one direction.

The logo will be placed on a white background (just like the Jobster.com logo), so please keep that in mind when designing.

Looking forward to seeing your designs!


60% of our audience is moms with kids that are looking to make some money while the kids sleep or are outside playing. They want to stay home with their kids, but still make some money and feel like they are helping with the family finances.

40% of our audience is dads that are currently out of work that are not finding any jobs available on the open market and thus are resorting to trying to work from home. If things work out, maybe theyll continue working from home.

Our audience ranges from 25 to 55 years old with the majority falling between 30 and 40 years old.

Around 10% of our audience is hoping to strike it rich with an easy home business like running a website.



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