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If you have ever watched womens pool on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classics, or on a variety of International Networks, then you are likely to be familiar with the Womens Professional Billiard Association (WPBA) and its professional players.

The WPBA was created in 1976 as the first and only womens professional billiard tour. It is a not-for-profit, member-owned organization that hosts professional billiard tournaments featuring top-ranked players from all over the globe. The organization has grown from its roots as a playing tour into an international entity involving many facets of billiards. The WPBA is dedicated to the advancement of women players and advocates to increase players involvement worldwide.

As the premiere womens professional tour worldwide, the WPBA is home to several universally recognized "stars", such as Allison Fisher, who is already one of the most visible sports personalities on television, particularly ESPN. She is considered by many sports experts and professional players to be one of the most accomplished athletes of all time. We have Jeanette Lee, aka "The Black Widow", who is ubiquitous within the billiards world, with millions of fans around the globe. Her popularity has helped spur growing interest and participation in cue sports. We have Xiaoting Pan, who is a mega-star and has amassed unprecedented recognition in her homeland (China) and was honored with the opportunity to carry the Olympic torch during the opening ceremony at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing. We also have the young Austrian, Jasmin Ouschan, who has quickly made her mark on the WPBA tour as a fierce and powerful opponent. She regularly participates in world-class, open events featuring the top male players.


With stronger, more consistent, and more accessible branding, the WPBA will create opportunities to level the playing field with other professional sports organizations, increase the value of exposure for partners and sponsors, upgrade the fan experience and ensure WPBA members receive the same opportunities and benefits as other professional counterparts around the globe.

Our first step to improving the WPBA brand is to develop a new logo. We need a logo that can be used on the website, in print, on merchandise, and on patches and stickers. The logo needs to be the common thread across a wide range of media, so it needs to be versatile and clean. While we think integrating WPBA into the logo is important, we are not expecting it to be the centerpiece. In other words, we are open to any design with the WPBA integrated nicely.

This logo will appear on a variety of media so it needs to be clearly seen and recognizable at a distance. The logo should be simple and timeless, yet incredibly elegant and sophisticated in its design. Finally, the logo should not be overly masculine or feminine, but rather neutral. Ideally, the logo should be able to work in different colors.

When people see the logo, they should see the logo as an extension of the WPBA, which would be clean, strong, timeless, fluid, universal/worldly It should articulate confidence and grace.

If you happen to preview the current website (www.wpba.com) please don't limit your ideas to anything you see here... The intent is for an eventual rebranding of all things, including the website, colors, etc.


U.S. Total Day ESPN/ESPN2

TV Usage % Viewing %


Male 45.2 73.1

Female 54.8 26.9


Age 12-17 7.1 3.0

Age 18-24 8.9 10.0

Age 25-34 13.8 9.5

Age 35-54 34.6 27.4

Age 55+ 35.5 50.1

Median Age 44.0 54.0

Men 18-34 10.7 15.3

Men 18-49 22.4 29.1

Men 25-54 22.6 27.5

Adults 18-49 48.1 38.0


Nike, Rolex, Lexus, Adidas, Jaguar, Hilton, LPGAbasically anything that gives us a separate icon to be used individually for product use as well as being able to adapt it with our WPBA type in an all inclusive logo.


The icon within the logo should portray a cutting edge sports lookclean and strong. We would like it to show energy, elegance and simplicity. We would also consider the use of a beautifully designed W to include these same conceptssimplicity is a must.

We want to shy away from any kind of stock design. Example: No cut and paste women with cue in silhouette designs Classic 9-ball, 8-ball, cues, cue stick or rack, over use equipment related graphics.

A reference or something symbolic to playing the sport of pool in the logo is not required, though would be considered if you can make it happen tastefully. People have tried to use pool balls in the past unsuccessfully, so we suggest avoiding that route.



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