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This is a unique design challenge. We're trying to convey winemaking artistry and competence, in an edgy, urban winery kind of way. We're not selling wine under the 'Pallet Wine Co' label, we're an outsourcer other wineries/vineyards/wine labels use to make their own wine. If you Google 'custom crush' you'll see several similar operations in Napa, Sonoma, etc that may give you a better idea of what we're up to.


Pallet Wine Company is Southern Oregon's first dedicated 'custom crush' facility. Custom crush is basically a winery or wine making factory, but instead of producing wine for our own label, we produce wines for other people's label. All in, we'll probably produce wine for 30 different wine labels. (If you do a good job for us, there is probably more business to be had) The grapes we process into wine come from our customer's vineyards, or are purchased from independent vineyards who sell grapes commercially. (It's a little known fact that a great many wineries buy all or most of their grapes from independent vineyard owners)

People come to us because winemaking requires very specialized equipment and skills. Most of our clients are living the dream of having their own vineyard and wine label to sell in their tasting room. They come to us because managing a vineyard is a lot of work and costs a lot, and up to about 5000 cases/year, we can make their wine better and for less $ than they can do themselves.

We chose 'Pallet' Wine Company for a few reasons:

Our facility is a 90 year old, Spanish Colonial Revival warehouse building, made of concrete, wood and glass (with lots of stainless steel tanks) in a downtown city (as opposed to a pastoral vineyard) setting.

We wanted something that felt a bit edgy, blending post modern with pre-industrial--concrete, wood, steel, glass feeling, with wine. Easy, right?

Also, the sound of the word 'Pallet' means several things, aside from the obvious industrial wooden skid usage, it also evokes the painter's palette used to create art, and the tasting palate to enjoy fine wine. Not sure if that can be worked in without forcing it to be too obvious and corny.

Last, our clients all have the very elegant sounding names/labels and 'Pallet' won't in any way overshadow or be competitive their branding.

Not sure if this matters or helps at all, but what differentiates us is:

Our primary business is making wine for our customers. (Many wineries offer custom crush services as a secondary business, using excess capacity, but their primary business is their own wine label)

Our winemaker is an owner/partner in the business. (Most winemakers are 'employees' of the business and change jobs regularly)

If you're still interested in this project after all that, we'll be interested to see what you can do.


Logo & Text for Web and stationary


New or existing wineries who will use us to process their wine. This is strictly a business to business concept--WE DO NOT SELL WINE UNDER THIS LABEL TO CONSUMERS.

We want our customers to consider us to be the best technical & artisan winemakers in Oregon, providing the best customer service and best overall value.


We won't say absolutely 'no' to any designs with a wooden 'pallet' on it, but we think it's hard to avoid looking too obvious & amatuerish in doing so. Also, grapes and vines tend toward cliche.

The jpg below is a graphic of the building, still in need of rehab, but could be worked into our identity. Don't pay any attention to the text, that was our original name, which we've changed. A design idea one of us suggested was a 3 legged stool, for the 3 partners working together. Apropos of nothing wine related, but possibly an interesting icon. We'd be interested in seeing ideas on that, but are not completely sold on the idea.

Also, below is a link to a trade industry story on the project, if anyone is interested in reading more.




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