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Business Info

Business Name

MS Walker

What is the exact name you would like in your logo?

MS Walker

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Mostly B2B. Wine and spirits importer and distributer.

Describe the target audience for your logo

Most people that interact with our company are wine and spirit buyers, i.e. restaurants and retail stores. We started in 1933 and now work with the liquor side of things for retail and restaurants accross the country. We want a fresh, contemporary look to our corporate identity that illustrated our core competencies: wine and spirits, without being to obvious. We would like the logo to work well on a white background. Most logos in the industry are tired, so we are looking for a catchy design without being cute! We would like to have a sense of being around for a while without looking dated or boring. Feel free to use "MSW" to abbreviate if used in a seal-type logo, where "MS Walker" will also be written.

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

1) we are a wine and spirits company 2) We are forward-thinking and savvy, yet we have been around (not too modern!) 3) We deal with high quality products

Style and Concept

What logo styles do you like (text only, image only, text and image, etc.)?

We envision text and an image. Currently we have a type of wine glass in the company name, and we think that incorporating an image/imagery will better communicate what we stand for. That being said, a truly abstract mark/image will probably not be as effective. I would imagine that exploring forms of bottles and glasses (outlines and abstract interpretations are cool) for the imagery will provide a wide enough perspective. Leafs are a no-no! thanks

What colors do you want to see in your logo?

No preference. Strong, bold colors. Types of maroons/burgundys work well in the space. Black. Soft gold. Earthy tones.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your logo?

No soft/very bright colors (light shades, pastels, hot pink, electric blue, etc.)

Where will your logo be used (print, website, etc.)?

Main applications will be: business card (white background), website, corporate communications, promotional materials, etc. The logo must be able to be scaled down to business card size (we have logo and employee info on one side), meaning that the image should scale with the text to allow for compact application.

Do you have other info or links you want to share?

Here is a link to our website (which is a project in it's own!). The current logo can be seen here. It was innovative and fresh when it was created, 30 years ago...


Thanks so much! We very much look forward to the designs!



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