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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are Windup Rocket, a mobile apps development company. In the short term, we're focusing on iOS (iPhone and iPad) apps, with an eye on fun, easy, accessible apps. Our first app, due in August, will be a child's iPad app, but childrens' apps will not be our only focus going forward.

What do you need?

Simply, we need a company logo. Ideally, it would somehow incorporate the words "Windup Rocket," but in a way where the logo graphic can be separated for use by itself. We'd like to use the logo everywhere from a twitter avatar to a bold homepage graphic, to a banner for (hopefully someday) tradeshow booths.

Colors are not set yet, so use your imagination.

Who Is Your Audience?

The audience is, obviously, mobile users/app buyers. While our first app will be for kids, the bigger picture has to target the adults. We want to evoke that classic feeling of 1960s mechanical toys. We want to imply, with the name and with the logo, that we're the kind of place that might make those kinds of windup toys, along with the apps we build. We want the viewer to get the feeling that we make things of substance. Things they can turn over in their hands. Things they can get down on the floor with, and drive around.

In as much as we think these kinds of toys were inspired by the 1960s space race, we do like that space race imagery, as well.


We Like These Examples

These are some images that evoke the feeling we're going for, though by no means do we want or expect logos based too closely on them:




We Absolutely Must Have

Again, getting the words "Windup Rocket" in there would be great, as long as we can separate the graphic effectively for use in smaller places (like a twitter avatar).

And finally, we're not set on "Windup" versus "Wind Up." If one works better than the other, go with it.



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