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I need a logo that I can use for my new business name/URL.

The colors should be Black and white with either bright purple or electric green (or both) - possibly with a touch of silver. It needs to be clear and easy to read. I want a branding that is "at a glance" recognizable.

I'm not an artist, so I need help. The logo will be used primarily on the website and on my business card. Most of my work is done online, so I have no need for letterhead/envelopes/etc.

Other notes on this project:

I'm thinking about using the "@" symbol in front of the business name -- framed by a ink splash/blot -- to show both online work and so I can add just my name to the front to create a single graphic for use on a business card (to keep the look clean). By adding a ".com" added to the end, it would incorporate my name, my logo, my email address and my URL into one tidy little package. That would create a clean, crisp business card that only needed a tagline and a phone number to be complete.

So maybe the logo could contain a "drop" on ink splashing at the beginning of the logo, to facilitate that @ symbol?

Give me something that makes me glow -- and helps me to visualize my cleaner, simpler business model -- with a dash of 'umph'!

Although I've given you my thoughts to date, I'm open to a whole new approach, if it's something that grabs me.

Thanks for considering this project!




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