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Wexford Entrepreneurial Partners is a consulting company that helps provide new product ideas to organizations, enhancements to their user experience, and general business consulting for marketing, sales, financials, and operations. Our target audience is small to medium sized business owners and strategy planners within large organizations.


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Wexford Entrepreneurial Partners

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Strength, Creativity, Classy


Wexford is the name of the bird that I had when doing Falconry. I really liked the name and experience, so I used Wexford for the name of the business. In falconry, the falcons fly from tree to tree in an efficient manner in order to conserve energy before signaled to retrieve their prize (aka food). This philosophy related to my business because I want to help clients find the most efficient ways possible to attack the low hanging fruit. I envision a Falcon outline in a family crest, but I am open to all ideas. I'd like the logo to feel strong and fresh, not stuffy and antiquated.

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Please provide Vector and Rasterized files, as well as any Adobe Illulstrator files. Ideall I will be able to use the logo with or without the text. The logo without text could then be used for a Favicon. I like the greens/grays/whites of the Slytherin logo and Eagles logo. I want the logo to look sophisticated and creative, such as Starbucks. Their logo has an edge to it, but it is sophisticated.



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