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We are opening a new barbershop named “The Barberhood”
Our audience includes men ages 18-60. Our motto is “ Where Tradition Meets Trend” we want the logo to reflect our style which is hip and edgy with an old school vibe. We love tattoos, dress in vintage style and drive a 50’s Cadillac. We want to appeal to the younger crowd as the shop will be near a college but we live in a conservative suburban town and we want to also appeal to professional gentlemen. The shop will be very manly with vintage black leather and chrome barber chairs, reclaimed wood stations, used brick walls and vintage photos. Our hope is to create a place men want to hanging out at enjoying a beer or whiskey and getting a haircut and shave.
The logo will be widely used on store front, t-shirts, our own product line labels, stickers etc. We included pictures of logos we like, fonts we want, even a few of us so you get the vibe! Creative, driven and happy to work with you to knock this out of the park.


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The Barberhood

Top 3 Things

Masculine - Styled - Edgy

Additional Info

We don’t want to see what is very common almost clipart style mustache, shears, straight razors. We don’t mind if razors or shears are in the design somewhere but unique. We want it to be strong, masculine and styled. Not a fan minimalistic style. We picture it more ornate almost more like a tattoo shop might have. We don’t want it to feel too modern. I’ve included photos of skulls that actually look like the owner we thought it would be cool to use something like that in the logo please see examples of skulls (not too scary we don’t want to turn anyone off or have them feel intimidated) plus photos of the owner (my hubby) to get an idea of his style. We picture the skull then a banner using vintage manly font that reads THE BARBERHOOD and if it fits and looks good our motto “Where Tradition Meets Trend” we figure the old font and banner style speaks to the tradition and the skull to the trend. If you have your own ideas we are open to them this is just what we kind of pictured.



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