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There are no client updates at this time.

This is a revised project. My apologies for the delay in selecting a winner for the previous. It wasn't in my hands. This project I have complete control and will pick a winner promptly.

Let me tell you about us.

We are a specialty lighting company providing unique products to specific markets. This specific product is WellnessLight KIDS - a light bulb treated with our patented process which will clean the air of all bacteria, virus, mold, allergens, etc. Excellent for children or anyone with allergies or low immune systems. In addition, the special phosphorus we use replicates all the healthy benefits of sunlight without the dangers. Including increased production of vitamin D, anti-depression and increased focus and awareness. If you need a better understanding of our products please visit our sites: www.nanostargreen.com and www.thewellnesslight.com

Here is what we need:

We are looking for a logo that will work well with everything - stationery, product packaging, brochure, clothing, websites, etc. We are requesting 3 items.

1. Logo design (we had some great designs on the first go around and selected one, however, we would like to see other designs working with the below items before making the final decision)

2. Package design (current package design along with size image attached)

3. Brochure to fit inside the box (current box attached along with

4. Point of Sale display (image and size attached) - optional*

* we would like to see this incorporated, however, it may or may not be produced when the product is launched in December.

Our target audience is:

Our lighting is unique and healthy. This project is targeted towards children, however, the parents (mom), will be the true buyer. It is very important, especially on the package to relay an image of safety, wellness, health and fresh air within 5 seconds. The box will need to attached the attention to secure the purchase.

We like these designs:

We are open to any design. The current package design shows two clear diamonds in the center of the box in white. This is a clear plastic portion which will not be on the KIDS box. You will have the entire box to work on. We want something fun, happy, healthy and informative.

Our design absolutely must have:

1. The package design should have a 3-D rendering if possible. We understand some designers do not have that ability and therefore it will not be a "deal breaker". We would like to use the rendering with an advertising campaign. The package needs to be the size attached. We want everything to tie in together. We will also be doing a website that will maintain the same look. 2. The brochure must fit inside the package. It would be useful if it could also be attached to the point of sale display too. Please use mock wording for the initial design. It should be graphically appealing and tie in with the package. 3. The point of Sale display will be made of cardboard. The size is attached. It should tie in with the rest of the designs and draw the buyer to the display. The product is sold world-wide so please keep that in mind with the design.

In Closing:

We had some great designs the first go around. We want your creative ideas to express our products. Each design will get a feedback within 24 hours. With the feedback we hope to be able to get exactly what we want. Your design will be seen worldwide! Go for it! All images are attached that you will need. Anything missing please feel free to email.



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