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Look-at-ME is a sleek iPhone Photo Application that serves to put a smile on peoples face through creating & sharing gorgeous-looking pictures. Look-at-ME works like a hilarious print club: Turn your friend into Mona Lisa, or feature yourself on the cover of Wallpaper magazine. Yet, on a more practical front, you can transform any ordinary photo into a nicely framed coolly deco picture.

Our target audiences are:

Inquisitive, fun-loving and tasteful iPhone users. They are mostly young professionals and trend-setting youths, looking for an easy and cool way to create & share fun and gorgeous-looking photos among friends.

Here is what we need:

Were looking for a goofy & welcoming logo that features the name of the application (Look-at-ME) and a sleek-looking square app icon.

Design we like:

Wed like to deliver the perception of welcoming & sleek design with a dash of playfulness. We believe in your creativity, so we prefer not to put up any concrete boundary. We hope to give you a feeling of our preference through the following design comments, but there is no intention of limiting your creativity here.

http://images.wikia.com/muppet/images/a/... Why we like it: its welcoming (may be its the waving hand!), playful and not crossing the line to look childish.

http://www.winkflash.com/images/main/log... Why we like it: The design is clean and able to give a warm impression.

http://www.cmpaper.com/images/logo.gif Why we like it: It is attention grabbing and memorable.

http://www.expertclick.com/images/YBUplo... Why we like it: It makes people feel-good.

Design must-have:


- Must contain the name of the iPhone App Look-at-ME. It is okay not to include the dash and the text can be upper or lower case, but the name should be readable.

- Dimension: The logo will likely be featured within the iPhone App all-the-time, so preferably the logo would not take up too much vertical screen real estate,

App Icon:

- It needs to be able stand out among many other iPhone Apps icons (refer to iTunes > App Store > Photography), so the design needs to be a bit more eye-catching.

- Dimension: The icon spec requirement is a square, but will be rendered as rounded square on iPhone.

Design consideration:

- Make sure NOT to deliver the impressions of: for kids / for teenagers / for techies

- Mobile phone screen rendering consideration:

o Logo not to become too tall and takes up too much vertical real estate on screen

o Its helpful to remember that the Logo & App icon would become relatively small when rendered on mobile screen, so extra fine details may not show well

Were grateful for your participation and contribution!



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