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No company, just two people in love : Renee Robertson and Michael Bathon. We are getting married on May 19, 2018 in a beautiful castle in France, Chateau de Chenonceau. Our wedding planner recommended that we create a custom monogram and crest and we instantly loved the idea.


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NA - No text neccessary, but might include our initials, or est. 2018

Top 3 Things

french influence, love of travel, tradition, our initials in some way/shape/form


we love to travel, but i don't want to see a blatent airplane in the logo, i want it to be more subtle, more symbolic, one idea could be to have the notches of a compass (but not neccessarily the NSWE indications;
We both have an affinity for antique french decor, and I dissasemble and remake chandeliers, so there could be a subtle chandelier element to it;
we are very adventurous and irreverent, but we have formal taste in decor and I see this monogram reflecting the latter, more like a royal crest since we are getting married in a castle like royalty.
Mike said it would be "SOOOO COOL" if our monogram show a different picture or image when it is turned upside down, or to the side, his idea was maybe that it show the continents of the world (but he also realizes that is a lot to ask, but just throwing ideas out there).
I am not positive that I will take his name until/unless we have kids, so you could play with merging our two last name initials into one (R and B). Since my first name begins with an R, coincidentaly, this would also be my first and last initial if i did take his name.
I'd also like to see ideas of RBM format.

Additional Info

to give you an idea of the fancy font types we gravitate towards, we are using "Miracle Script" font for our wedding invitations (purchased on fontbundles, but i can share the download or a PDF of characters if you would like), also liked Selfish (similar script style).

I chose Orange because I couldn't choose Peach.
Our wedding colors/theme are Peach and Gold lace. Mike loves blue so i also included blue in the color preferences, and i think a greyish blue looks nice with peach, but this should be more of an accent color if needed, not a primary color. Color is less important than design because I envision using this for engravings.

Lace is a big theme for us too.
This should resemble a royal crest.



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