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FrontDoorFilters is a start-up company that will sell HVAC air filters as a subscription. Traditionally, these filters are bought by homeowners and businesses in stores like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc on an as-needed basis. This leaves the consumer to a) remember to buy the filter(s) per their HVAC unit's maintenance schedule, b) deal with the hassle of knowing which size(s) to buy, and c) in many cases, go to more than one store to find the needed size(s). FrontDoorFilters is not just selling air filters, we're selling convenience, fresh air, decreased HVAC maintenance costs, and lower utility bills. We're not convincing people to buy anything new, these are the same pleated, MERV8/MERV11 filters they've been buying... we're just offering a better way to make the purchase.

When you consider the fact that 60+% of people don't change their filter often enough, there is a real cost savings component to our service (a dirty filter makes a unit run harder and longer, which puts more wear and tear on it and increases utility costs). However, some would argue that they could go to Wal-Mart and buy their filter for cheaper, so they don't need us. This is not our target customer. Our customer is someone who hates the hassle of dealing with their filter and recognizes the cost of not changing it regularly as compared to the benefits of doing it on schedule. Generally speaking, the customer understands that they are gaining both financial and non-financial utility through the service, despite the "higher price" of the filters.


We need a logo, and as stated in this bid, we're offering $500 for it. The logo will be used primarily on our website, but also on letterhead, business cards, etc.

Subsequent to the logo, we'll be looking to have two flash site templates merged into one, and we'll then want some simple customization done to the newly merged site template... basically just taking PSD files and adjusting the CSS/HTML to match our edits on a live webserver. This work is NOT part of this bid, but we wanted to mention it so that you can be on the lookout for it... it might be nice to have the same designer do both parts.


See second half of "Let me tell you about us" section.


These logos are simple yet elegant. They speak to the company name and the product or service they deliver via a nice, somewhat iconic graphical shape. It's very important to us that our logo has a look and feel in the family of these logos:


The linked page will allow you to download a PDF mock-up of our website. The logo needs to match the look and feel of the site.



While FrontDoorFilters is a web-based company, we do not particularly want to project a high-tech or Web 2.0 image. This page shows logo types that we want to avoid:


Instead, the design should speak to the service itself, as well as the things that define it and/or its benefits. If we were to create a tag cloud for the logo, some of the words and phrases would include:

- air filters

- home delivery (to the front door)

- convenience- recurring

- decreased costs- fresh air- hassle free

- environmentally friendly

The design must incorporate the words FrontDoorFilters (not to be confused with an "IBM" or "FedEx" type logo... we just want the name to be listed with the graphic... as shown in many of the logos we highlighted above in the "We like these designs" section). Wed also like the graphic to have the potential be detached as a symbol and for it to have some meaningful ability to be recognized on its own. The logo should be clean and simple, and easy to cut out and place upon various backgrounds. A black-and-white or grayscale and reversed out treatment should be possible. We won't use this on our site, but we may need to have this option available for letterhead, embroidery, etc.

That's it! Hopefully we gave you everything you need to design the perfect logo for us. We're looking forward to your submissions!!



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