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This is an organization that will consult not for profits and for profits on how to become more strategic by thinking out of the box.


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Logo Text

The company name is DASH - which is a combination of the first two letters of the two founders names.

Top 3 Things

The most important part of the logo is that a concave diamond is our symbol. It's said that 76% of people are uncomfortable with change. It's also true that if you draw a circle within a square, that the circle takes up 76% of the square - leaving you with the four corner pieces. If you put those pieces together with the right angles of the corners facing in, it creates a "concave" diamond. We'd like to use that.


The concave diamond must be a part of it - and the word dash should be used - though it could be DASH, dash, or DaSh. It could also be possible to use an actual dash i.e. "-" itself.

Additional Info

I'd love for this to be something creative that would look great on a tshirt, hats, website - etc. I picked orange and grey because they're non gender-specific, though I'm open to other options. It should not be extremely elaborate - but I'd love for it to be creative and cool.



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