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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Spice Wallahs is a new Indian Restaurant concept that will open its first outlet in Brisbane, Australia later this year, with plans for expansion & franchise. It will be a modern Indian restaurant aimed at Gen X and Y with a funky fun feel. Imagine Bollywood meets Hollywood and do it with food, thats what you get with Spice Wallahs.

It will have a casual style of service, where customers order at the counter, and the meals & drinks are served at the table. Wed consider our main big competitors Nandos, Wagamamas, Grilld (for the Aussies) etc.

Its all about food, explosive flavours coupled with creative imaginations give you dishes like our fish cakes crafted with fresh coriander, coconut and a little red chilli, or fresh prawns marinated in lime and coriander, cooked to order in our extremely hot smoky clay ovens tandoors

Each restaurant will feature an open show kitchen means you can see the foods being cooked to order with the catch cries of Jaldi Jaldi.(quick quick). Inside the restaurant, spice inspired colours with the sing along music help give it that funky bollywood feel, a great place for the larhki (girls) and larka (boys) to catch up.

So whats a Spice Wallah?
Well a Wallah is Hindi/Urdu word for someone involved/in charge/specialist in something. So if youve seen Slumdog Millionaire, youd remember they call Jamal a Chai Wallah = the guy in charge of the tea (chai). So at Spice Wallahs, were the sellers of spicy food!

What do you need?

There needs to be 3 main components to the logo:
1. The name Spice Wallahs
2. Our tagline
3. An image
All 3 components need to be able to stand alone or be put together for example, on small items/collateral, we may just use the name, or just the image. On our website or signage wed use all 3 put together. Think how McDonalds sometimes just uses the Golden Arches and other times has the full logo, with Im loving it underneath.

Weve already got a bit of a typographical logo and tagline that weve been using, but were completely open to new ideas. We dont currently have any kind of image included. See attachment for the current logo.

Our thinking so far had been based around the stamps & brands on old crates and spice bags.

Options were playing with are
Modern Indian Kitchen
Spice Grill
Get some spice in your life
For the purpose of designing the logo, use Modern Indian Kitchen.

We dont have any pre-conceived ideas for the logo image. We had thought about the round trays with pyramid piles of spices on them, or a wrinkled old Indian mans face but these are certainly not set and wed love to see any other ideas. All images must be vector based, not to fussy and easily identifiable.

This logo will be used on all collateral, both digital and printed. We need something relatively simple, clean & flat no super complex/detailed/Web2 stuff. It has to translate from a website, to a business card, to the takeaway bags.


So far, weve stuck to pretty solid/bold colours. The draft website www.spicewallahs.com.au features oranges, reds, pinks and yellows similar to colours found in natural spices (think turmeric & chilli). The interior of the restaurant will use a lot of recycled materials such as old spice bags, tea chests, bamboo etc
Ideally wed like to see the logo limited to 2 or 3 colours for economic printing - or alternatively to have it in both colour/bw so we can adjust depending on which medium.

Who Is Your Audience?

Gen X & Gen Y - disposable income, heading out on a Friday night or grabbing a healthy fast lunch from during the work day. We're looking at Uni students, early to late 20's friends & couples, as well as young families.


We Like These Examples


All of these give a good example of how a logo, image & tagline can be combined. Simple, identifiable and transferable.

We Absolutely Must Have

Spice Wallahs in the logo (duh!)
A tagline
An image



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