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Bottled Water Company. We are a more modern direction to a saturated market. Our water is purified to the highest level and satisfying to every consumer. We are attempting to put a local flare to our water as we attempt to compete against the larger national level corporations. However, our local feel still will be available nationally. Pure Liquid Satisfaction.


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Waterfy Me

Top 3 Things

1. Pure Liquid Satisfaction - This water is the purest form you can find and you will be satisfied after every drink.
2. Local Feel - We want to put a local feel into our message. We are purified at a local location - however, we still plan on selling on a national level. I know that's a little tricky, but our thoughts.
3. Fun, uplifting product with a modern and sleek appeal. We are an energetic company and our water logo should express that somewhat.


My biggest thought is seeing a logo that expresses the message of the brand. Waterfy Me. Water - fy is a combination of Water and Satisfy. The combination makes the play on the word easy. I believe that needs to be expressed in the logo. You need to see that water is needed and this water will be the most satisfying you'll have.

Additional Info

Most competitors focus on the water aspect in their logos. Here is a link to some of the competition: https://www.mrwatergeek.com/best-bottled...
Our focus could possibly be more on the satisfaction of water when you need it and when you have good water like Waterfy Me.



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