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Lucid VR is a VR Arcade. Customers pay money for time in virtual reality in professionally set up environments. Our target audience ranges from 17-40, has a moderate to high income, and either is enamored with the idea of virtual reality or is a thrill-seeker looking for something new to get their heart pumping.


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  • Signage

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  • Sans-serif

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Lucid VR

Top 3 Things

Five-minutes-into-the-future, Professional, Fun


Something that smacks of the future but isn't too far into the future. No cursive, the leading character may be slightly larger than the rest but not significantly. Please keep detail-work to a minimum; details created through white-space and placement will be more highly-ranked than details created by drawing new shapes.

Looking for a bold style, appealing thickness, and a singular color. Reminder: This is a Virtual Reality Arcade. If you're not sure what Virtual Reality is, we request you look into it some for both inspiration and to see the stylings of typography and design prominent in this field.

Beware that letters must all fall on the same 'groundline' as this will be a sign. We can't do letters whose baseline shifts up and down several inches between each other and the like. Please allow for room to insert neon tubes as that is how this logo will be lit from afar and we would like to keep our business logo the same as our sign.

Additional Info

We request that all participants include their PSD, CSP, or AI source-files on submission as well as submitting a PNG at source resolution which includes all layers of your work.

Be inspired by checking out the websites for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Look at five-minutes-into-the-future type sci-fi movies such as 'Surrogates', 'The Island', and 'Elysium' for design inspiration.



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