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This logo is for a site called Vote Up If. It's a site where users post opinions and other users Vote Up the opinions If they agree with them. This site is based on the reddit.com codebase. That means, if you go to reddit.com, that's pretty much what the site's going to look like in terms of layout. The logo is going to be the main differentiator so people can tell them apart. Because of this, the color scheme should be different (not light blue). The logo should have a solid background (white is ok) and should fit in with a solid, blocky site like reddit.

The logo should read "Vote Up If..."

The height should be no greater than 60 pixels and the width could be as long as 220 pixels. Look at lipstick.com (also based on reddit) for an example of a bigger logo that would be acceptable.

A "checkbox" would be the most obvious representation of a vote, but try to steer clear of voting symbols b/c this is an opinion site, not an election site.



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