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I am a video production company, focusing on drone/aerial video and photography. I'm primarily looking to target people interested in drone photos/video, but also do video editing and production, so not necessarily just drone focused. My target audience is people interested in video production to promote their business.


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Flying Hen Media

Top 3 Things

Modernism, a little bit of whimsy, clean and simple look


The ideal logo would be creative and even a bit whimsical, but still clean looking. Since my name is "Flying Hen Media", it'd be cool to somehow get a hen in there, with wings or propellers maybe. I like the idea of one or two main colors, so it's easily translatable to different backgrounds for different uses.

Additional Info

Here are a bunch of links and notes to things I like/don't like! LIKE: Nectar Roasing Company logo (https://nectarroasting.coffee/about-us). Normally not a huge script font fan, but I love the way they slightly modified the script to go with the coffee bean image. I also like the mixing of a script font with the sans serif font. LIKE: Short Order Productions logo (https://shortorder.co/). The logo is pretty simple, but incorporates a "play" button design to show that it's a video production company. LIKE: Elm City Communications logo (http://elmcityinc.com/). The image is stands out on its own, and also ties into the text. KIND OF LIKE: Whiskey Sky Media logo (http://www.whiskeyskymedia.com/). It's a little bit busy, but still clean enough, and you can easily use either the text or the mountain image, depending on placement. DON'T REALLY LIKE: Easterseals logo (http://www.easterseals.com/de/). This logo isn't too bad, but doesn't at all tell what the organization does. DON'T LIKE: Folgers logo (https://www.usimprints.com/blog/wp-conte...). Too much going on, and doesn't translate well to anything other than a white background. As far as format, I'd like a vector image.



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