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A via ferrata (Italian for "iron road") is a mountain route which is equipped w/ fixed cables, stemples, ladders, & bridges - allowing otherwise isolated routes to be joined to create longer routes which are accessible to people w/ a wide range of climbing abilities. Walkers & climbers can follow vias w/out needing to use their own ropes & belays, & w/out the risks associated w/ unprotected climbing. They are found in a number of European countries, & a few places in the United States.The first via ferratas were built in Italy during the First World War, to aid the movement of mountain infantry.

Nelson Rocks Preserve (NRP) - an outdoor recreation area located in Pendleton County, West Virginia. The Preserve is a privately owned & funded organization dedicated to the preservation of Nelson Rocks as a natural, scenic & recreational resource. Public access is currently offered for via ferrata climbing & trail hiking. Built in 2002, the Nelson Rocks Via Ferrata was only the second of its kind to be established in the United States. The route gains hundreds of vertical feet of elevation over half a mile of climbing, leading up to a thrilling, exposed summit w/ unforgettable views of the Allegheny mountains. Truly West Virginia's wildest outdoor adventure!

Via Ferrata at Nelson Rocks Preserve changed hands/ownership this month (11/09) & is now a division of West Virginia Outdoor Adventures. It has never had a logo, & we are looking for some real talent to offer up something for our consideration.


We need a logo that we can incorporate into our new website (www.visitviaferrata.com), that we can utilize on retail/gift store items (hats, tshirts, caribiners, water bottles, etc.) and that we can use on letterhead and on rack cards/brochures. We are also open and solicitous of tag lines for the logo - whether "Rock On" or some climbing reference - or something short and catchy (that can be used with the logo but does not have to be; logo should be able to be used alone with no tag) and perhaps indicating 'for all abilities' or 'non technical' or 'universal appeal'. We need it to be easily utilized in both color and black and white (displaying your designs in both would be appreciated!). All available file types will be desired for logo that is awarded.


Via Ferrata at Nelson Rocks has a lot of internet exposure by way of YouTube, blogs, etc. and though not ever heavily marketed, it is a known destination. We want to begin marketing heavily to GROUPS in particular - such as: Outdoor clubs, University Outting Clubs, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, School Groups, Naturalist groups, Geology hobbyists, Church groups, University/College Alumni group trips, Womens groups, etc. No technical experience is necessary, and it is not physically demanding in a way that would prohibit older or less athletic types. It is challenging and it is physical - but it does NOT dictate only young, athletic, outdoor extremists as its clientele. The "urban naturalist" is a target audience as well - adults who are city-dwellers and business people, but seek outdoor adventures, excursions and experiences in their leisure time. We are not targeting outdoor extremists or hard core climbers - this is a guided experience with no technical skill needed.


I have none to reference at the moment, but am thinking of some play on the rock "fins" or the suspension bridge (both are big features of this climb) or somehow using the letters in the name to be in the shape of a mountainous peak(s) or some such representation. This is just one idea - we are open to any and all suggestions and encourage thinking outside the box.

I have seen designs/artists from Crowdspring offer a main design and then suggest an "alternate" almost abbreviated version of the logo for various uses. I do not have specific examples to offer, but it's where there is a logo design submitted and just as you might show a color version and a black and white version, then you could also show an alternate version of the logo which might be used in conjunction with/as an abbreviation of the main logo. This multi-use design/variable representation is welcomed but not necessary.

Please see our website: www.visitviaferrata.com and also search YouTube with the phrase "via ferrata at nelson rocks" and you will see more photos and info.


Must have the words: "Via Ferrata at Nelson Rocks Preserve" (this is the actual name; but the 'Via Ferrata' takes precedence over the 'Nelson Rocks Preserve' if you are emphasizing one with font size or color or whatnot). This business is a division of "West Virginia Outdoor Adventures" - but this does not necessarily have to be built in to it - but perhaps a WV reference could be considered be it a grahic of the state, or WV or something.

The Via Ferrata at Nelson Rocks has never had a logo and actually, none of the other Via Ferratas in the U.S. appear to have logos either. But we want to have an e-commerce page to sell retail items and have a 'camp store' so to speak at the climbing site for people to by momentos of their experience and we think a strong, eye-catching logo will help brand this unique outdoor adventure and will be utilized on our website and in our brochures for such purpose.

We are open to any and all designs - but are hoping for something bold yet simple. Not busy and not overloaded with too much information/graphics. We are looking for a logo to brand this destination location and become a readily identifiable symbol for VF NPR for those that have been there, and something that makes people who do NOT know about it see the logo and want to learn more/ask more/go to the website to book a trip/etc.



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