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Verde Homes is a new custom homebuilding company in Austin, Texas focused on providing well designed, energy efficient homes. Our team is headed by a third generation homebuilder who embraces new technology in homes, and also utilizes the latest technology to communicate with customers and partners. The concept is to blend the old (customer service, quality, craftsmanship, appreciation for existing neighborhoods and their architecture) with the new (latest green building technology, innovative customer and vendor communication) to delivery energy efficient homes, and deliver them in a very efficient manner.

Our primary target market is a well educated, married couple with 0-2 kids, earnings in excess of $150K per year (combined), who desire to live close to the city center, and who put a premium on good design over just big (i.e. they are less sensitive to cost per square foot and care more about "value"). These buyers are willing to pay more for features they perceive to be "green" and understand the investment of buying a home now that will have a lower cost of ownership over time (i.e. lower bills). In addition to buying for financial and environmental reasons, these buyers believe that a Green home provides a better environment to raise their families, with regards to air quality, reduced noise, longevity, etc. These buyers will use the internet and word of mouth to find their home or homebuilder. They will value a builder who understands technology, has a very solid web presence, and utilizes technology to ease the pain of the custom home process (i.e. better communication, web-based scheduling tools, extensive use of digital photography).

Our secondary market is eco-conscious empty nester who is trading down in size for their retirement. Again, they do not believe that bigger is better - they value quality materials and craftsmanship over just "big". Because this could be their last home and they are living somewhat on a fixed income, having a home that reduces the cost of operation by lowering power, gas and water bills is a huge selling point. Also, these buyers have grandchildren, and they care about leaving them a world not in peril, so their motivation to buy leans more towards Green because its the right thing to do vs. Green for saving money. These folks have plenty of money - they are driving the Lexus Hybrid, not the Prius. They travel quite a bit, drink good wine, play a lot of golf. They are looking for a builder who understands the latest green homebuilding trends, but they are concerned about handing over their dream home to a "young" person. The buyer wants their homebuilder to seem established, credentialed, in it for the long term. They are comfortable buying from long standing family businesses, but not some new, trendy company who may not be around in a year.

We had envisioned a logo utilizing shades of green, brown and orange. But we are not wed to that in any way.

The primary use of the logo will be: website, yard signs in front of houses, business cards, signs on our trucks, print advertising, direct mail campaigns, letterhead.

When thinking about the logo, its important to understand that the custom homebuilding business is both a product business and a service business. At the end of the day, the deliverable is a HOME, but as they say the journey is just as important as the destination, and in this case the journey is difficult. The process usually takes a year, and so the relationship between the builder and the customer is extremely important. You can provide a beautiful home, but if the path to get there was rocky it won't do much for your referrals. So keep in mind that although we build homes for a living, its the process of building the home that's just as important.

Not every customer we have will have the same commitment to building green - some will embrace it more than others. There is a good chance that, based on referrals or winning a competitive bid situation, that we will build custom homes that aren't 100% green - in a custom home these decisions are driven by the custom. So I think its important to brand the company as a custom homebuilder who focuses on green homes, as opposed to being a green-only homebuilder, if that makes any sense...

Looking forward to seeing the submissions, thanks in advance for your hard work.



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