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HI. I am looking for a VECTOR logo icon design for a small web design studio. I have attached an editable PDF of the font I like. So that's half the battle already won. I just need someone to design an icon to go with it.


- Simple icon mark that can translate to a cool 16x16px favicon nicely

- Can be full color... but would like the color version to translate to a 1-color version that can be printed on black or white background

- feel free to experiment


ITC Lubalin Graph Std

I like the 3D square look(see one of the example PNGs), but not attached to it. If you can come up with something cool, like a 3 or 4-color 3D square, that might be nice. Or, something that conveys 'web site crafting'. I thought something along the lines of 'pixel' would work. But, if you can come up with a better, cooler, more eye pleasing concept, then go for it!

Thank in advance for your help. Looking forward to seeing what you a come up with.




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