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What is your industry?


What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?


I'm importing MADE-IN-USA ejuices into China and selling them under the name Vapina (rhymes with vagina).

Vapina means - "Vaping in China"
We also use - "Live Life with More Flavor"
These phrases don't have to be in the logo, but they can be.

I have several brands of ejuice and mostly sell in south China cities like Guangzhou but am getting started in Shanghai.

Right now we sell through club & party events every week and we have a network of people selling Amway/AVON/Cutco style. I also have a display at a lounge that sells my juice.

I'm a New York guy who's been living in China for about 6 years doing mostly export but now I'm doing import and sending money from China to the US for a change!

The main things we need the logo to say:
1 - Foreign brand (not Chinese)
2 - Luxury/high-end
3 - Cool/hip/modern/current

1 - Foreign brand (not Chinese)
It's IMPORTED which is why it's more expensive than ejuice made-in-china. So the logo needs to communicate a style which is NOT Chinese. (this shouldn't be hard if you haven't been to China lol)

2 - Luxury/high-end
Factory workers don't smoke eCigs. Fashionistas, trendy party people, and people in ties use them. The logo should be adult & clean, not too cartoony. A chromed shine is OK, also solid colors with sharp edges is OK.

3 - Cool/hip/modern/current
eCigs are super new here. When you have one, people inevitably ask about it. The logo should be cool and not too boring. Solid clear letters and any graphic should be very simple.

Where the logo will be used:
Might put the logo on eCigs themselves.
The word "Vapina" might not fit on the eCig so a recognizable graphic that is easy to print clearly on a small curved surface would be good.

The business card will probably be a translucent plastic (like vapor, get it?). So the logo should be able to print clearly on this kind of material.

Preferred colors:
As you can see in the images, the parent company, Synergistic Imports is white & green, would be nice if green was involved.

I already have a display for one of my other brands, Flashbitz, which is for USBs. I would like to use these same displays for the ejuice, so black and green is a good option.

Nevertheless, I feel like black and purple is a good color scheme. Like Violet Tulip from: http://hamptonroads.com/2014/03/fashion-...

The ePosters attached are the examples of how events are promoted via text, specifically the asian social network app WeChat. The logo would be featured on some of these, so it needs to be clear on sometimes low-rez images. The ePosters also show the kind of places where this brand of ejuices will be marketed.

Taxi-drivers in China are fascinated and love these eCigs. If the logo could be clear enough to appeal to them, it would be nice, but this is a secondary goal.

Good Boyz Productions is our sister company, you can see their logo on the ePosters. Their logo and the Vapina logo might be next to each other sometimes.

The best selling flavors are the fruity ones, but I don't think this can be incorporated into the logo.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

image + text

Any image should be very simple. Could be something like the vape wisps other vape companies use, but with a unique & recognizable element to it.

I'm not opposed to a twist on the common "smoking V" in the vape logo design, or the "smoking tittle" on the "i". Anything more creative is of course appreciated.

Again, any image would probably be used by itself (without the word "Vapina") on a eCig itself so it should be recognizable enough to be Vapina.

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

The logo I'm using now is crap.
I used a stock "V" and the english letters of the Chinese font simsun.

The font for my company Synergistic Imports is Century Gothic & Helvetica Neue, would be nice if it matched as a family of companies, but this is not necessary at all.



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