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shift7 is a decentralized studio that works on some of America's hardest problems. We are focused on economic uplift and protecting democracy, through a fierce commitment to fully realizing diverse and equitable inclusion. We serve talented people trying to solve problems. We are market makers and (help) deploy capital and resources where they can have significant scaled impact. Our organizing principle is working through networks. We deliver 'return on generative investment' and 'return on effective others'. shift7 is about service, wonder, and the joy of radical collaboration. We get shift done, faster and together.


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Top 3 Things

1) radical inclusiveness, 2) networked possibility, & 3) thoughtful change. We believe if we include everyone, we can fix (nearly) everything; shift across 7 seas, 7+ billion people, 7 continents, 7 sisters ('pleiades' - a constellation visible to everyone on the planet). shift7 = shift+7 on the keyboard which is the ampersand/&. We keep the 's' of shift7 lowercase and have a trademark filed on "shift7". note, we don't have any reference to the & in our trademark.


Winning logo: versatile, lingers with you, has energy, minimal but memorable. It won't work for us to use something that feels lifeless or lacks imagination.

Additional Info

We will need a logo file that can also be converted to black (for white backgrounds); and white (for black backgrounds), in addition to any color options. Also, please note the 's' in shift7 is lowercase; we also want to avoid reference to the & or the shift button on the keyboard, in the identity design. When we work with partners (as we always do) we may set-up a naming convention where our collaborations are notated as shift7 (rendered as our branded wordmark) followed & partner name. So XYZ project brought to you by shift7 & Crowdspring. For this scenario, if you wanted to incorporate a stylized '&' we could use in this way, we'd be very open to that (but the '&' would not be used in the day-to-day brand identity, only for the purposes of denoting a collaboration). Additional web reference: www.shift7.co = holding splash page. CEO, founder of shift7, Megan J. Smith = https://www.wired.com/2015/04/megan-smit...



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