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I'm looking for a relatively simple logo for use for my new consulting firm (just me, for now). I want something simple (one or two colors) that can be used both on a web site as well as on business cards. I like more abstract logos, nothing ornate.

The firm does innovation, marketing and strategy consulting and since it's just me, is sort of an extension of my personality. While I don't have much really there yet, you can get a glimpse of me at http://www.upsightconsulting.com. I'm helping entrepreneurs and companies come up with new approaches to markets and growing their businesses.

Given the name, I'm thinking something with a stylized eye or upward pointing arrow (or both) may be good, but I'm not really committed to that as an approach since the couple I've penciled out have looked pretty silly; in particular, anything that incorporates an eye seems hard to do well and not have it look like an ad for mascara or something. I'd like something clean, simple and professional looking to help me establish a credible image as a one-man consulting shop.

The logo could stand by itself as a graphical element, or have the Upsight Consulting name integrated into it. If you use the company name in the logo, please use a sans serif font, something a bit more interesting than Helvetica, please, but nothing that looks like it's from a star trek episode. If you use the Upsight Consulting name integrated into the logo, try to avoid incorporating an upward arrow into the "U". It seems like the sort of thing I've seen in too many other logos and cliched. And do use the full name with both Upsight and Consulting, not just Upsight.

I'd like something that works as a positive and negative, eg, white graphics on a black background on the web site, but black graphics on a white document or business card.

The output for should be a vector graphic in high enough quality for both smaller and larger sizes in a file I can edit with Fireworks. Also provide as color .jpgs (if you use colors) and as black and whites in both positive and negative forms.

Thanks for your creative work! I look forward to the designs!

- Bill.



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