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For the past 32 years I have been publishing The Saver Magazine in The Ohio State University campus market. I also own TheSaver.com website.


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The Saver

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Savings, Value, Convenience


I am just looking to update my current logo which I have now been using for about 25 years. I like the dollar signs and I don't want to modify the logo to much to where people won't associate it with my brand which has a high market awareness. I just feel my current logo is dated.

Additional Info

You can visit my site (TheSaver.com) to get a better sense of what The Saver is, but I will soon be giving my site a new look as well. The Saver is for The Ohio State University college market, so you may want to stick with scarlet & gray, or give me the options to switch out the colors as needed. My demographic is obviously college students. I am droping "Money Saving Magazine" from the title because The Saver is both print and digital and many of my ads are not coupon driven.



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