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I'm a certified executive and team coach with a knack for helping my clients develop the skill to be calm and confident, regardless of what's happening around them. My company has been branded and I have a website. I also send out twice-monthly e-articles that focus on the 3 niches I'm pursuing. I've attached the branding document for my corporate logo.

The logo is for speaking gigs entitled "Turn Stress into Success" that I do on the topic of being calm whenever you want. The speaking gigs range from a 30-minute keynote to a 1-hour or half-day workshop, to a series of teleclasses (in the future). I also plan on creating product(s) in the future related to this topic including an e-work-book and recordings for download.

I have attached a couple descriptions of the presentation including one for a group of executives in transition Ill be speaking to in April.


I need a logo for the speaking gigs entitled "Turn Stress into Success" which builds on my corporate tagline of "Turn Barriers into Bridges."

I will advertise these gigs primarily through my twice-monthly e-articles, and also on my website on the relevant events and products pages. The hosts of these gigs may also use this logo in their electronic materials. Hence I need this logo to be a little image I can use in these contexts. I would also like to use it in some way for the packaging of my products (books and recordings) though that is down the road and not the top priority.

I need the "Turn Stress into Success" logo to fit with my corporate logo in terms of the colors and style.


- Leaders in organizations (often senior executives), Entrepreneurs, Owners of small businesses ==> evenly split gender-wise, often from late 30s to mid 50s, in the thick of their careers

- Leaders in Continuing/Complex Care facilities (ie: senior's residences)

- Leaders in Health Care

The readers of my articles usually have some exposure to me, while the attendees to the actual gigs may not have met me and chosen to attend because they're attracted to the topic. These people may have had the e-article forwarded to them, or they may have chosen to attend because they're familiar with the hosting organization.

Specific descriptors of my target market include:

1. High achiever so far in life ... powerful and influential in the past ... very committed people

2. They have a value around growing and learning they value growing and learning.

3. Tired of the status quo, wanting change in:

o How they manage stress: sorta wound up and want to be calm and confident, maybe tired of how tired they feel, feeling burnt out, fatigued with feeling stressed and ready to try anything to change

o Their level of confidence (eg: having a crisis of confidence for some reason), could be triggered by some new beginning: maybe a new position, starting their own bizness,

4. They or their employers are willing to invest time and $5,000 or more into their development

o Earning more than $125k a year

o Willing and able to invest at least $700 per month in personal development

5. In a solid primary relationship really love their partner and are happy in their relationship

6. Believe in the value of reflecting

7. Theyre persistent and they have a high degree of follow-through generally. Seems related to them taking their responsibilities very seriously.

o Could be wanting to come to coaching because their sense of responsibility is holding them back from being as good a leader as they could be

8. They enjoy being around, and being challenged by, smart and talented people.


I like my logo because of the colors and simplicity. I like that it's corporate without being boring.

I've attached an image I've used for a series of presentations, teleclasses and products called "Gold-Medal Game Plan." It's not the fanciest and it gets the message across. Something as straight forward as this image would be just fine as long as it conveys the image.


Some image that captures the idea of turning stress into success.

Something that will be understood when in a small thumb-sized image in my articles ... this is absolutely crucial. I've attached a past e-article to give you a sense of size.

Something that is corporate/professional and pretty.

Something that will look attractive with my branding in terms of color and style.



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