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TripleGreek.com is a site that provides services to fraternities and sororities on college campuses in the US and beyond.

The logo will serve as the companies brand and must represent the company.

Please use a maximum of 6 colors.

The color scheme is black, grays, reds and whites.

We would like to see a logo type and a logo graphic.. Some idea's for the graphic could be Greek helmets, shields, fraternal crests, pillars, Greek numerals, Greek numeral 3 in a circle, ect.. Try to incorporate something that relates to Triple, or Three.. don't use the number three.

Also, for the logo text, try using the sigma's (greek lettering) for the E's.. It's not mandatory, but see if you could make it work.

I want the logo to be horizontally dominant.

I want the logo and text written "TripleGreek.com" on one line. This is not case sensitive.



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