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Creative Brief

Who are you?

A social travel company.

Travel should be social, so Voyavo helps consumers to organize, share details and invite others to join in travel planning and purchase activities prior to, during and following a trip.

Voyavo allows travelers to leverage the availability of travel information and the ability to search, book, post, and share a travel plan with friends, family and business colleagues. Voyavo harnesses social networks, online travel information and mobile devices to give consumers a travel planning and destination rich experience with friends, family and associates.

The idea for Voyavo began when planning a business trip to Europe for a group of employees. The client offered a general budget, extra time to take a side trip between business meetings and a request to meet staff in different European cities. The trip planning seemed like a great travel adventure turned into a daunting task for everyone.
Planning included several online searches for availability, comparison shopping spreadsheets and paper notes on travel details to book flight, hotels and car rental.

We needed a better way to propose a travel plan that worked for all travelers prior to booking flights, making hotel reservations and confirming car reservations. Absent from any travel site at the time was a trip planner to share details with your fellow travelers.

Necessity can be the mother of invention. Voyavo.com brings a more social travel experience with the ability to share proposed itineraries, watch for the best priced items, store travel bookings, and quickly develop a travel plan to meet the needs of all travelers on a trip, before you book the travel details.

What do you need?

The logo should be friendly enough for both consumers and businesses. We operate both a consumer web site as well as provide a service to large travel and internet companies thus it needs to be able to fit into both worlds.

Our website is at:

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Who Is Your Audience?

Incomes of $40,000 or more in income
Ages 25-60
60/40 Women to Men ratio




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