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TransFS is an online comparison shopping business for small business financial services. Think of us as an Orbitz or Travelocity, but rather than helping people compare and purchase airplane tickets, we help small businesses compare and purchase financial services (such as payroll processing, credit card processing and business loans).

Our website is live right now at http://transfs.com

A key part of the TransFS mission is to use technology to help small businesses save time and money. Our free tools and credit card processing auctions have saved companies hundreds of dollars a month, and our customers have been very happy with the service we offer.

Founders Sean Harper, Joshua Krall, and Eric Olson are two former small business owners that experienced, first-hand, the difficulties in shopping for financial services. TransFS is a young, small, fast-moving company that takes pride in technology innovation.


Our new logo will be used at the top of our website. It will also be used in all promotional materials, business card, advertising, etc. The logo is part of a re-branding effort to give us a new look.

For final delivery, we will need:

* a full-color high-rez (preferably vector) version of the logo, in either Photoshop or Illustrator format.

* a simple usage-guide depicting how it would appear in the following contexts:

o At the top of the website

o On a solid white background, such as letterhead or a biz card

o In pure black-and-white, such as on a fax coversheet


Our customers are small business owners, all around the U.S. Many of them are e-commerce merchants, who are tech-savvy and can easily tell the difference between an old-school design and a newer web2.0-style look. That said, we also have customers of all types restaurant owners, convenience stores, people who sell personalized stationary, or do origami for special events! We need our logo to be very approachable: flexible, easy to read, easy to understand.

TransFS.com needs a new image that reflects its serious mission and friendly culture. Our current logo looks dated, and we would like a new design that accurately portrays the company as one that uses cutting-edge software to solve business problems. We want a new design that will give our customers the impression we are a Web2.0 company, with new ideas and an approachable, responsive attitude.

TransFS.com is not a big corporate monster. We dont want our logo to be boring, just because we are a financial services company.


Here are some logos that we like:

* PayPal

* Amazon.com

* Fedex

* Yahoo.com

* mint.com

* Many of the designs on logoholik.com (they are booked until July 21st, so we cant use them and we like CrowdSpring anyway!)

* http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/45519

* http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/15147

* http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/34796

* http://heroofchaos.com/images/15_logos/c...

We like certain elements of these designs:

* http://ec.mashable.com/wp-content/upload...

* http://techcocktail.com/home/wp-content/...


The new logo MUST work well with our current website design. We really love our web design (created by a fellow CrowdSpring designer!), and so our new logo needs to fit well into its look & feel. The color palette is important, obvious, but it also needs to fit into the form factor of the current logo.

As part of our re-branding effort we are switching to TransFS.com as our official company name. Thus, Transparent Financial Services should no longer be a major component in the logo. It would be nice, though certainly not required, if we could have a subtitle or de-emphasized text that shows the long-form Transparent Financial Services name but the primary name for the business is now TransFS.com. In additon, we may want to use the name without the .com at times. For the website well probably use the .com, but we are open to design ideas that style the .com differently than the TransFS, making it easy to drop off.

What we dont want to see:

* NO Stock Images that you do not own the rights to! We will check designs against the major image-warehousing sites so dont even try it. We must own the exclusive rights to this design.

* Dont blatantly steal someone elses idea, unless you can measurably improve upon it. Be aware that if you build on someone elses idea, we will weigh the fact that you were not the first one to try it.

What we really want:

* We would love to have our logo include both a type treatment as well as a bug of some kind. We think that it will be very useful to have an image/icon that is part of our logo, that could be used by itself in situations where we dont have space for or dont need to use the full logo. Feedburners flame or Yahoos Y is a good example of what were talking about.

* Surprise us with innovative designs!

* Take risks well let you know what doesnt work for us. If you are the first one to post an idea, we will know it, give you credit, and provide comments/guidance on how to improve your idea.

We will be very proactive with comments and feedback. For our website redesign project, we did our best to provide extensive comments on most of the designs and we had a great back-and-forth dialog with several designers. One of these designers is still working with our company, and we have continued to give him a ton of design work.



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