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HPVBA (High Performance Volleyball Academy - www.hpvba.com), the largest volleyball facility in the northeast US, is hosting a VOLLEYBALL tournament called the "Tour of Glory" that has the following themes / characteristics:

1) Teams from all over the USA will compete in the tournament (want to emphasize the entire USA)

2) USA Olympic Volleyball medal winners will be attending our 'Tour Of Glory' tournament - they all won medals (Gold). No Olympic rings or other copyrighted, trademarked logos can be used. Must be original work.

3) The name of the tournament is TOUR OF GLORY

4) Competition and Raising Awareness of the Volleyball Sport



Please focus on VOLLEYBALL and TOUR OF GLORY. We are looking for a logo that is sporty and not overly "corporate" or boring.

1) The logo should have a VOLLEYBALL in it.

2) Logo must have the tournament name -- "TOUR OF GLORY" or "Tour of Glory" (not case sensitive - your choice) MAJOR FOCUS on name.

3) Fresh and clean design

4) Easy to print on merchandise (readibility) / a logo that has 'brand' potential (easy to identify with our tournament)

5) LOGO should envoke ACTION, POWER, VICTORY.

6) Should be a compatible design with other sports product logos.

7) Logo should have a sense of competitiveness of the highest caliber.

8) Global Prescense, USA national victory symbolism.


Please visit www.hpvba.com to look at our website color scheme.

For this logo, we are seeking the blue and gold. However, we are open to variations that include Red, White, and/OR Blue given the tournament's theme of Olympians and USA. However, we are very much open to other color schemes and want to give the designers complete creative freedom.


The primary use of the logo will be to brand an annual mega sport event (think Volleyball Superbowl). Along with advertising the event, it will also be used for merchandising, and for our soon-to-be built website dedicated solely to the Tour of Glory tournament.


- Logo must be scaleable in color and text. In other words, we should be able to change the colors or text / letters in the future (if our mood changes)

- Logo must be large and high-resolution so that we can use it as a large image in files without grainy noise or image-loss

- Logo must be delivered in PSD, JPG, GIF, etc formats

- Showing the logo on various merchandise (t-shirts, hats, or keychains) will be helpful as these will be sold at the Tour of Glory Tournament event. Here's an example of finished project on www.crowdspring.com that shows the logo on merchandise. http://www.crowdspring.com/projects/grap...

- We would like two variants of the logo. One that works well against a dark background (like the blue on our website), and another against white.

- Please provide stationery (word doc, ) that we can use to draft our marketing material. Include logo and same color scheme within.



Our customers and audience: sports related corporations (Nike, powerade, etc.), primarily volleyball atheletes, aspiring atheletes, parents, sports enthusiasts, and coaches who appreciate design. Our audience are tech-savvy sports users who are obsessive about volleyball. We would love to build a brand that these fans would be proud to wear on a t-shirt.

Our Tour of Glory site (not built yet) will have Flash and advanced designs. Powerade and Nike are doing great things with their site and our site requires logos that could mesh well with those type of backdrops. One thing our logo should reflect is a sense of Athletic Pride.


Other Notes or References:

- We attached a draft / basic sample of one possibility for a logo, but ARE NOT limited to this at all. We are OPEN to all ideas, so please be creative. We've attached that one idea as a means to promote other ideas. However, if you think the "volleyball with wings" can be enhanced and improved to make a great logo, please show us what you can do with that idea.

- Our Tour of Glory website (when built) will have a similar layout (not same colors), flashy look: similar to http://www.poweradegb.com/

This is our first time using Crowdspring and if all goes well, we will certainly be using it more frequently for our creative needs. Much thanks in advance to all designers submitting to this project, your time is truly appreciated.

Any questions, let me know. Thanks.

Chirag Patel





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