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This logo will be prominently featured on the cover of the magazine, titled "Car Renter's Guide", and on its related web site.

Content of this publication will include information of interest to a car renter within the market of the car pickup - local maps, radio station listings, typical tourist/visitor information, lodging/dining options and car return instructions, etc. Distribution will be via car rental company counters.

Format of the publication is 5.5 x 8.5" on glossy enamel stock, printed 4/4.

We have no strong notions on color or design direction, other than wanting the design/font to be more modern and contemporary, rather than a traditional look. The logo should include the words "Car Renter's Guide" with some type of accompanying icon or mark, although not including a car image. Text can be artist discretion of upper/lower, all caps, or all lower.

Logo structure should consider that we will have to add a market name to each respective edition of the guide. For example, "Phoenix Car Renter's Guide" or "Car Renter's Guide - Chicago". Your thoughts on this, or perhaps including versions of how it might be used on a magazine cover - colors, positioning, etc - could be helpful in our evaluation.

Concepts to consider:

sleek, modern

informational and helpful

convenient and concise

We've had good luck using Crowd Spring in the past. We appreciate the hard work that goes into this by all those who submit an entry. Good luck!



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