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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Our organization is called the Absolute Fit and Wellness Group, a newly formed San Diego CA based corporation with the mission of helping our clients to get into the best shape of their lives. The domain www.time2sweat.com is going to be our flagship web site.

The company (AFWG) is comprised of a set of experts in the following fields: (1) Personal Training, (2) Diet & Nutrition, and (3) Holistic Wellness

With this combined expertise, we intend to give our clients a multi-faceted approach to getting and staying in the best shape of their lives. We are currently planning on focusing only on the local market here in San Diego. Once we show proof of concept for this program, we will consider plans for expansion into other markets.

This domain, www.time2sweat.com will focus primarily on the Personal Training side of the business. This web site will be a place where prospective clients can learn more about our offer and then sign-up to become a member.

One of our primary advantages at this time is that we are first company in San Diego to get the rights to hold Boot Camp training sessions in Balboa Park which is San Diegos largest and most popular part right in the heart of the city. For those who are not familiar with the term Boot Camp, it is a very intense workout (usually 1-hour long) that burns a lot of calories and fat. Everybody sweats in Boot Camp, hence the name time2sweat.com.

What do you need?

We need a great logo which looks like a national fitness brand.

This new logo will be used in our web site, our printed flyers and brochure, our printed training materials and more. While we are open to almost any creative concept, we want the final output to be elegantly simple.

Important Note: When used on our web site, we can use a multi-color version of this logo, however, we are also going to be using it to imprint onto many promotional items such as sport bottles, pens, mugs, etc. On mediums like this, usually a 1-color imprint is required. Therefore, no matter how many colors are used in the primary logo design concepts, we need to this logo to be able to look great in even just 1-color imprints. So, for any logo designs to be seriously considered, please show us a 1-color version of your design as well.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our target audience is fairly broad from a demographics perspective. We want this mark to be appealing to youth but not at the cost of turning off older prospective clients.

The age range is really anywhere from 18 through mid-50s, however, most of our clients will likely be between the ages of 18-35.

There is no income demographic for our audience. We offer affordable plans to fit into almost anyones budget. Similarly, there are no regional demographics because even though we are starting this business in Southern California, we do not want to be limited to this region in terms of future growth.

Also note that we are targeting both a male and female audience but as a general rule, more women come to our personal training boot camps than men. This does not mean we want to focus only on women, however. We would love to boost our male attendance. This logo should appeal to both sexes equally.


We Like These Examples

Some logos we like include:

The UnderArmor Logo
The 24 Hour Fitness Logo
The ESPN Logo
The Gatorade Logo
The look of logos for most professional sports teams

We Absolutely Must Have

We are very open to your creative ideas and do not want to hinder your artistic freedom. The only major stipulation is that we want any colorful logo submissions to also include a 1-color version for imprinting onto certain promotional items.

Please note that this logo is for our web site time2sweat.com and not for our company name which is Absolute Fit and Wellness Group. We already have a logo for the company itself.



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