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Ultimate Interactions is a bay area dating coaching service that teaches individuals who have been previously unsuccessful in attracting the opposite sex and teaches them how to meet and keep an attractive partner. Lessons take place over a weekend or can be on a continuous basis.

The information and application of the technology is meant to be transformational. Ultimately, the company is not about just learning pick up but rather transforming a person's life in a direction that empowers them to connect with others. Participants learn, on a granular level, better social skills. The focus of the lectures are on building better social skills and eliminating social anxiety which is applied, with specific strategies, to attracting the opposite sex.

We need a logo for the top of our website: www.ultimateinteractions.com

(site still under construction)

Our target audience is 25-40 male - College educated, technical science degree, 40k + Salary, Greater San Francisco Bay Area

However, it is not an exclusive male audience. Coaching services are available for women.

Please do not include: Any San Francisco landmarks or Bay Area references

The colors for the website are Black, White and Orange.

If you take a look at the site (www.ultimateinteractions.com) you'll see a orange banner that goes across the top of the page and a placeholder logo. We'd like the logo to be larger than the current logo, but still keep the orange bar all the way across. The dimensions of the bar is:

980 x 103 pixels.

Please incorporate the logo into the orange banner.

Outside of that.... Have fun with this one!! :)

I'm looking forward to your designs and I will totally give a recommendation to the winner if I really like the logo.



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