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We are starting a Stand Up Paddling Business called theSUPspot (SUP short for Stand UP Paddling). Stand up Paddling is all the rage with athletes like Lance Armstrong, triathletes, surfers, olympic skiers, you name it. It is the latest fittness craze as it is an amazing core body workout. Celebrities have also really taken to the sport of SUP. Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Pierce Brosnan, Owen Wilson, Rachel Hunter, to Matther McConehey.

The great thing about SUP is it is easy to learn and less intemidating than surfing, it's an amazing core body workout, and you can do it anywhere all you need is water, which makes it available to a much broader audience than surfing.

Up until this point SUP has been positioned in a very old fat man way. Sites are often very cluttered, too "surfy", and just plain have no style. At theSUPspot we want to bring a different flavor to the world of Stand UP Paddling. We want to give a fresh, young, clean, hip, and stylish perspective to SUP. Here's a link to the photos for out website so that you can get a feel:


We Love the site Pop Physique mostly the edgy clean vibe they've got going on.


We will be offering Lessons, stand up paddle boot camps, corporate team building, professional and varsity sports cross-training/team bonding programs. We will also have an online store for all things Stand Up Paddle. The idea however is to keep the offerings super focused and tight. Only select items will make it onto our online store. Items that have passed through our approval of testing and satisfaction. Lastly are putting together customized Stand Up Paddle programs to pitch to world wide hotel chains such as the Ritz Carlton, the Hyatt, and Hilton resorts.

We have already garnered interest to run editorial in magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Shape, Self, Outside Magazine, FOAM magazine, and Teen Vogue.

We want to be the one stop shop for SUP (short for Stand UP Paddling). Our image is very important. We also want to be a boutique site specializing in SUP but in a young, hip, clean, artsy, and aspirational way.


We are looking for a clean logo that is timeless, simple, clean, yet edgy, steezy. Thinking but don't take me literally Standard Hotel, American Apparel, Paul Smith,

We really like the Soviet Panda Logo that is attached. And RVCA's ANP LOGO.

We would prefer that "the" be lower case "SUP" upper case and "spot" lower

We don't mind them being squished together theSUPspot and are open to having a version with a call out to the website theSUPspot.com


Our Target Audience is 15-45 males and females. We want it to appeal in an "cool" way to the hipster trend setters but also appeal to the older crowd in an inspirational aspirational way all the way up to the 50 year olds. We want our logo to be one people would actually want on a t-shirt or hat or sticker that they may put on their car. Something that looks good in B &W and in color.

clean and simple with style mixed in.


Soviet Panda- i like the spot i like the font. I LOVE the horizontal lines going through the V and the A. And i like the play on the V and A (not sure where that could be done with theSUPspot)

I like RVCA's ANP spot logo. -i like the font RVCA uses (though i think i like Soviet Panda's font better) I like again how they do a play on the VA in RVCA...

I have always loved Paul Smith's logo- i know this is totally different than the two logos i just mentioned. There is something i love about his hand written font the color bars he does.

We are looking for a logo that will look good on trucker hats, stickers, and t-shirts for marketing purposes but a logo that will also look good on the website, invoices, power point presentations to the Ritz Carlton's, Hilton's, and Hyatt's of the world. Something clean and fresh.

I love DWELL magazine and anything Mid Century modern.


I don't want something dry and predictable. We want to see a little edge. But if you stick close to the SOviet panda logo or the RVCA ANP LOGO i can't see things being to difficult.

The SPOT is important and horizontal lines inside like two letters similar to Soviet panda?

or if no horizontal lines i like the idea of a bar code element somewhere?



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