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Externally, to our patients/cleints, Therapy Resources of Morris County, LLC is a group mental and behavioral health practice. Internally, Therapy Resources is a practice management company that manages the private practices of our "network providers" within the Therapy Resources network. We manage their practice so they can focus on what they do best, therapy. Our goal, internally, is to provide access to private practice and to maximize earnings for our network providers and minimize the efforts associated with owning a private practice. Externally, our mission is to increase access to mental and behavioral healthcare by providing a network of highly skilled professionals that potential clients can trust based on their affiliation with Therapy Resources.


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Therapy Resources of Morris County

Top 3 Things

Professionalism, Welcoming/Stigma free, Calming


We want to stress the "Therapy Resources" and minimize "of Morris County". Each of our offices will have a different "of XXX County" and we want that portion to be interchangeable and the primary focus on "Therapy Resources"

Additional Info

You can visit our website at therapyresourcesmc.com. We will need to be able to use this logo on letterhead, advertisements, clothing, etc. Again, we want the focus to be on "Therapy Resources" so that it can be used either with or without any additional text to indicate formal name of company or office location...i.e. ...of Morris County



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