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The Onder Law Firm handles many types of cases including mass torts, product liability, personal injury, and worker's compensation. We have clients from all across the United States that rely on us to win them compensation when they or a loved one are hurt by a drunk driver, a defective product, or a corporation putting profits ahead of people.

Our target audience is a widely varied and ever-changing group that can really only be summarized as anyone who has had their life affected by a person, product, or company and needs legal help in winning the compensation they deserve.

We are located in St. Louis, MO and although we have deep roots here, we have clients and cases filed nationwide. We are always looking to expand our national brand awareness and client base and this new logo is part of a current rebranding effort to accomplish this goal.


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OnderLaw LLC

Top 3 Things

Protecting People, Integrity, Victory


The first thing to note is that the actual name in the logo is fairly flexible. "OnderLaw LLC", "OnderLaw, LLC", "Onder Law LLC", and "Onder Law, LLC" are all acceptable.

One of the awards will go to the best new logo that reads "Onder Law LLC". The other award will go to the best redesign of the current logo which reads "The Onder Law Firm".

The logo should definitely emphasize the "O" in Onder. Both the O in Onder and the L in Law should be larger than the other letters in the name. The imagery is wide open, although we do have a couple different depictions of lions around our office, so a subtle lion's face or profile may be good. However, this is definitely not a requirement, feel free to present other possibilities if something else strikes you. However, please avoid any of the classic cliched law firm symbols like gavels, scales, quill pens, columns/courthouse, Lady Justice, etc. Also avoid the boring "legal" colors of the 90s as well as anything on the other side of the spectrum, i.e. super bright/neon colors.

The winning logo will hopefully exude power, strength, and protectiveness and ideally will combine an old school conservative professional look with elements that make it appear modern and sleek.

Additional Info

We will need the logo in image formats, as well as at least one editable format that can be used by companies producing promotional items or signage.

Current logo (the second award will go to the best redesign of this logo): http://www.agrisurevipteracornlawsuits.c...

We like the powerful feeling of the Merrill Lynch logo: http://downtowngadsden.churchwebfuel.com...

The sleek/modern look of this one is really good as well: http://cdn1-blog.designhill.com/wp-conte...

The classic conservative powerhouse look of this logo is good, but avoid the cursive ink imagery and "Attorneys at Law": https://i.pinimg.com/736x/08/4a/f9/084af...



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