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The Marketing Spot is a small business marketing firm that coaches and consults entrepreneurs to more effective marketing. We also do speaking, seminars and workshops on the subject of small business marketing The principal, and face, of the company is Jay Ehret.

Our theme is the spot. Our primary visual is a red spot. Our foundational visual is the Marketing Circle of Life. http://themarketingspot.blogspot.com/200...

Our tagline: Power to the Small Business

Our values: Empowerment, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Heresy

Brand Promise: Empower small businesses to thrive against larger competitors through better marketing.

Logo uses:Website, blog, business card, training & marketing materials.

Our official color is a dark red: #a82424 - R 168 G 36 B 36

This work will also be chronicled on my blog and you will receive credit for the project, unless you ask not to be identified.

Refresh or re-do the logo. The logo was put together by a friend over seven years ago before the company was formed. You may completely re-do the logo, or simply make the current one better. We need a logo that is versatile, working well both on the web and printed materials. The logo should reflect our values, brand promise and tagline, but we don't want it too abstract.

Entrepreneurs actively involved in running their business. Typically, but not exclusively, male.

The spot must be in the logo. A unique font presentation is a must. Please don't use a widely available font. Please use the red color listed above. A contrasting color is not necessary, but if you choose one, stay in the blue family.

You may revise the spot if you think it's necessary.



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