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Human Resource is the most important asset for any organization. Companies, who show a genuine concern for their employees' welfare, reap enormous benefits in loyalty motivation and productivity.

EFECTIVALE presents unique solutions to render these benefits in a simple and hassle free manner. Designed to work alone or integrate seamlessly with our customers existing benefits, EFECTIVALE offers unparalleled solutions to today's increasingly complex employer and employee needs by simplifying and facilitating everyday life and promoting employee well-being, we help our corporate and public institution customers improve their performance with easy-to-deploy products: meal and food purchases, gasoline vouchers and incentive programs.

Our corporate name is a killer brand in our language, EFECTIVALE; in Spanish, EFECTIVO means hard cash, but it also means effective; VALE means voucher; thus EFECTIVALE sounds, and means, in Spanish "A voucher as effective as cash".

We have been in business for 20 years and, like many firms, we like to hang on to the names of our founders. It provides a link to the past and speaks of continuity, although it not necessarily of quality. Conversely, it shows we are less than up-to-date and modern. Nonetheless, opting for a complete identity change is a bigger decision and it's out of the question. We are going with a rebrand, we are looking forward to a perfect execution of how modernizing a brand can both, validate an existing mark yet bring it into relevance by generating a visual buzz. We want you to imprint that energy in the new brand that we would bet can be measured financially.

This project involves revising our branding elements to ensure that messaging is not only strategically sound, but that the brands look is brought back up-to-date. These elements must provide change in the right direction, while still preserving much of the brands existing equity. This brand refresh must be done right, so it can provide our brand a much needed spark that allows it to better compete with other companies vying for a slice of our market share, without alienating or confusing our current customer base, we must keep our name EFECTIVALE, but we want it to look fresh, modern, appealing and trusted.


New logo development. Our identity is quite dated and it was decided that we would retire it and start from scratch. We need you to develop a logo that reflects the way we work as a company. The challenge here is to refresh our brand to evolve our corporate strategy accompanying the company's move to a market take over. We are looking for a clever refresh to modernize the look and feel of our brand that is already well recognized but in need to generate a buzz in our industry. Building on EFECTIVALE'S promise of client proximity, the brand will be now encapsulated in the idea what matters to you, matters to us, in that the company strives to provide the best possible advice and professional service.

You, as a professional designer, will be appointed to refresh the visual identity and create a look and feel around the evolved brand idea. We are expecting you to translate the organizing idea into a creative driver reflecting our clients and used this theme to inform the complete brand expression, from font and tone of voice right through to graphics and imagery.

Brand identity roll out. More than a decade after the introduction of plastic cards into the arena, the old-fashioned paper voucher is still by far the top reward technique of choice, part of it is the fact that paper vouchers feel like cash and sit like bank notes in your wallet, giving you an immediate sense of the amount of money you have available to spend. The brand must have a look capable of being indistinctly used for earmarked voucher lines of specific commodities; this means that consumers have what one might call an intermediate range of choice. For example, a voucher for meal allows some choice within the favored category, such as between restaurants, fast food chains, and alternative expenditures that fit the definition of prepared food. The lines we currently handle are: Gasoline, restaurant and retail stores (mostly for food and basic goods). Besides the logo, we need you to present us with a composition of your brand idea and some voucher templates.


A non-cash voucher is one that is capable of being exchanged for goods or services. Non-cash vouchers are treated as benefits in kind for employees around Latin America. There are 3 sides in our business and none of them is more important as a target than the other two:

1) The final consumer side (user), perhaps the central issue for them is the extent to which a voucher or similar grant is cash-equivalent. Paid employees, consists of full-time and part-time employees, including salaried officers and executives of corporations. Included are employees on paid sick leave, paid holidays, and paid vacations; not included are proprietors and partners of unincorporated businesses.

2) The voucher buyer side (company), usually top management member of the company providing such benefits to its employees, whose core questions go to choosing between different suppliers by establishing some level of competition. We find here full-time HR and Finances salaried officers and executives of corporations. In case of small companies proprietors and partners of unincorporated businesses are usually included.

3)The point of sale (affiliates), we provide them with varied benefits that they can avail of because of their association with us, such as increased business, premium brand association and our ever increasing user base.

Our refreshened brand (your design) must be appealing to all of our three target audiences.


As long as you use the word EFECTIVALE in every execution... it's up to you and your creativity skills


Your original designs must be created from scratch - No clipart should be used in the design process.



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