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We are a network software company doing software for mobile devices.

We are producing a new technology called Qwarq pronounced quark. (We have not settled on use of capitalization in the logo.) QWARQ is a connection technology that makes it easy for you to play games or use productivity applications with those around you.

For example, using qwarq you can easily share information on your screen with someone else, run a presentation on someone elses screen, share your internet with them, transfer media, or play a game of backgammon.

We are looking for branding collateral that conveys the fun, easy, social aspects of our software. It's the sauce that lets you play, interact, and collaborate with other people.

We're requesting a logo and wordmark that work well together and that can be used independently of one another. We will use both in software user interfaces as well as in online and print marketing material.

Our target audience is end consumers: Notebook, netbook and smartphone users. We want to appeal to busy mobile professionals, students and academics, and clubs, teams or other organizations who want to share information and interact when they come together.

The design must work well both very small and with a larger canvas. Its OK if the small version logo uses only the distinctive elements of the larger logo.

We'd like to avoid cliches, such as swooshes, arcs, orbs, and swirlies.

We also want to avoid something that's just the product name with some clipart stuck on it. We're looking for memorable, original art.

We're shooting for something that's clean, simple, stylish, friendly, contemporary, and fun.

Gradients, textures, and 3D are OK only if we can have a complementary version that's strictly black-and-white.

We'd like to use colors that are readily available and will work even on computers screens with somewhat limited display capability.

We need both color and black-andwhite/grey-scale versions that will work on the screen and in full-color print as well as on faxes, newsprint, or high-contrast contexts.

We may use the logo on marketing collateral such as shirts and pens, as tiny icons in a PC system tray and in office/building signage. So it needs to be able to withstand a variety of applications.



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