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Sweet Waterwear, is a new Hawaii based startup apparel company that will design, manufacture and sell, both direct online & wholesale, premium quality, upscale technical, as well as fashionable water wear focusing initially on Stand Up Paddlers (SUP) & Outrigger, Canoe & Kayak paddlers.


1 pair of inter-related Logos. A related set of a standout logo primarily featuring just the main focal brand name SWEET or sweet (upper or lower case or mixed is all open) that can stand alone as trim on product & but will also often be shown in conjunction with the rest of the company name SWEET waterwear (< one word, like sportswear) on advertising, packaging, letterhead etc.. Where Sweet is dominant and waterwear is probably a smaller point graphic / font second line as in a stacked 2 line logo or perhaps as a subtle back layer.

First & foremost the Sweet logo must be easily convertible into White on Black or in a negative-reverse Black on White, for vehicle decals, think like the usually dark back windows of a surfers truck or car. Clear, clean & good recognition from a distance is valued. Matching colorized versions are also required.

So the full logo set will need to include 1 Male / masculine, strong lines, perhaps more technical, logo white on black + 1 of the same art outline, but colorized.

+ 1 Female / feminine (curvy, lighter, fashionable, sophisticated, classy, pretty, but not cutesy) Logo white on black + 1 the same art, but colorized. For colorization blue or multi-ocean type blues, & blue-greens are more appropriate. Stronger, bolder, richer colors for the Male & a little softer, prettier colors for the Female. The Masculine & Feminine logos should have some subtle similarities to reflect the family brand connection, but need not be too heavily taken-off from each other.


Active water sports oriented people involved with (or fans of) standup and canoe paddlers, surfers, rowing, boating and almost any kind of on watersports in general.

Age ranges is generally from 14 to 55+ years of age. Majority are between 25 - 40.

Our company is Hawaii based and the relatively new sport of Standup Paddling aka: SUP has its origin in old Polynesia, but recent re-birth and new found popularity in Hawaii and is now spreading worldwide, virtually anywhere there is a body of water. (waves / surf is not required). Hawaii, California, Florida and Texas are the current leading biggest & strongest domestic markets. In Europe, France & Germany are quickly emerging markets. Some tasteful, but subtle artistic graphic reference to our Hawaiian base, water, ocean, beach scene is welcomed, but not required.


In single words.crisp, clear, clean, simple, contemporary, tasteful, technical, forward, memorable. Good strong, bold use of positive & negative space.

We like Kanji-like &/or brush-stroked (thick & thin) effect lettering, so long as its still very easily readable. Some types of cleaner, (not too street, urban, edgy) graffiti, might work.

Clever or playful letter connectedness, like the top of the S connecting to the crossbar of the t in Sweet or ..? is welcomed.

Horizontal wavy element(s) intertwined within the letters.

Possibly tilted or windswept lettering (to suggest wind &/or forward motion on the water).

Subtle, flat horizontal S curves supporting, surrounding, above, below within or maybe even behind the word Sweet.

Possibly, the framing of the word in an sort of ellipse, more like a generic SUP surfboard shape, perhaps with rounded or shaded edges to give the surfboard 3D illusion shape.

Possibly a water reflection, like a partial mirror image below, as if floating on water, reflection could be a little distorted, as if reflected on ripples of water.

Elements or graphics suggesting waves, ripples, water, motion, are all appropriate.

Polynesian / Hawaiian tattoo-like striped, repeat pattern, art is also welcomed, either somewhere within or as a border.

We like but also respect these logo images or concepts: Oakley, Rusty, K2, new Hyundai (H in ellipse), Blu-ray Disc, for general influence design ideas, (not to mimic)

We are attracted to the general look of the following ADOBE typeface fonts

For the Masculine logo: Legault Std, Blue Island Std Reg, Flood Std, Mistral Std,

For the Feminine logo: Wendy Std, ExPonto Std, Freestyle script Std.


We DO NOT want to see:

Standup or surfer profiles, as our line has virtually any kind of general water-sports-wear application and appeal.

Nothing hokey, nor Hawaiian clich, nor touristy, < would be a turnoff.

i.e. NO turtles, geckos, tropical flowers, hibiscus, palm trees, or sunsets.



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