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We are a sports bar and grill opening in early 2010 in Raynham, MA. Looking for a logo that targets both families and college kids which we understand can be considered a wide target range - so big focus on college crowd if we chose one over another. The name of the establishment is "Surly Johnson Sports Bar & Grill". Surly is the nickname of a fictitious character we have created named Artemus Johnson. Artemus "Surly" Johnson is an Urban Legend. He is a lifelong Boston sports fan, which as you may know, carries all of the bitterness and negativity one New England Puritan can possess. His Urban Legend is built around his family's connection to famous sports moments. For example: When Artemus Johnson's grandfather spilled a drink on President Howard Taft back in 1910 on Opening Day, he became part of baseball forever because that moment started the tradition of the 7th inning stretch. To learn more you can follow Artemus Johnson on Facebook. This type of approach will allow us to create a non-linear story that patrons and fans can help us build upon as we create the legend.

At first we thought the logo should be made in the image of the Johnson family seal/coat of arms. I have attached a copy of it below. You will notice the 5 roosters. We thought we could replace the roosters in the 4 corners with a football, hockey sticks, baseball bat and ball and a basketball. You will also notice 3 castles. We would leave the castle up top and replace the castles on the side: left side with a martini glass with an olive hanging out. Right with a bunch of grapes and cheese. The Johnson font on the scroll at the bottom is fine except we would move it to the right side of the coat of arms so it all reads from left to right. There would be two scrolls (stacked). The top one would read: Surly Johnson. The bottom one would read: Bar & Grill in the same old English/Gailic font style that appears on the attached logo.

Our big fear is this logo might be too busy as we are obviously going to want to use the logo beyond signage - including T Shirts. So our philosophy is the simpler the better. I share the coat of arms logo idea only as a peek into our thought process. The logo doesn't have to be that. If someone chooses to use elements of that idea great. If someone chooses to go outside that box, that is terrific too. We just thought it would offer a glimpse of our thought process. And to show you we even have a sense of humor (just look at the name), we thought of in the Knight's mask have a cigar hanging out or a scowl frowned on the mask - or both.


We need a logo that is creative enough to fit with our Urban Legend about Artemus "Surly" Johnson, but simple enough that it will stand out on a T Shirt.

We want to be current and hip using different social media platforms to market our bar, but we want the logo to appear to have a bit of history to it. Something that reflects "Old School" without being too traditional. Remember this isn't John Smith's Ye Olde Pub Tavern from back in the motherland.

Being a sports bar, we like the traditional red, white and blue color combination in the scheme with more of a stress on blue, then white.


Lunchtime: business clients looking for a bite to eat coming from nearby industrial parks. Early dinner will be families - kids eat for free. Later crowd will be college kids. We will also be embracing community - charity, youth sports, pick up leagues and such. Our biggest emphasis is the college crowd and the adult pick up leagues.


www.cribstonemedia.com Simple, effective logo

www.gameonboston.com Simple logo. Perhaps a little too modern, but the logo alone is identifiable.

www.nancysrestaurant.com I like the font. Not too modern but modern. The shark tells a personal story about the bar

www.lifeisgood.com A "surly" version of Jake without copyright infringements might be cool

www.sailorjerryrum.com Just a fun logo. Sailor Jerry was a tattoo artist. It shows in the logo. The logo is a character...***This might be our favorite****


Your imagination. There is no wrong answer here. Artemus Johnson is our imagination. Now show us yours.



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