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Expertise in the alignment of Information Technology to business strategy, operations performance management, business process design, implementation of integrated business systems, as well as systems development. Special focus on data warehouse technologies, business intelligence deployment strategies, self-service analytics, and data science/advanced analytics use case deliverables within Health Care, Financial and Manufacturing industries.

I have managed both small and large groups of people with diverse roles and responsibilities, diligently managed budgets, actively mentored team members, and consistently contributed to the management and execution of business strategy and leadership.

Solution Delivery Areas of Expertise:
• Data-Driven Business Strategy
• Enterprise Performance Management
• Enterprise Data Management
• SaaS Product Development
• Data Warehouse Architecture and Operations
• Enterprise Business Intelligence
• Self-Service Analytics
• Advanced Analytics/Data Mining


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Strategic Impact Analytics

Top 3 Things

Strategy-aligned deliverables
Advanced analytics (machine learning, text analytics, artificial intelligence - AI, network/graph analytics)
Operationalized delivery of analytic use cases (from concept to production in weeks, not years)


I would rather not see powerpoint clip art...
Logo should capture the sense of data science/big data/advanced analytics... being delivered into a production environment based on prescribed corporate strategy - hence, strategy-alinged solution delivery... using the business' data assests for high performance execution of business goals and objectives.

Additional Info

I am hoping for a logo family... for use in slide decks, word documents, etc... that feels contigous and part of the same group/family. Our business does specialize in health care information technology, both from strategy identification on to project design and execution... specifically, leveraging the buinesses data from all of its systems (electronic health record, finance, supply chain, HR, cost accounting, etc.) into a single collection of well-architected data marts (forming a single, centralized data warehouse or data repository), to then build strategically selected information delivery assets (dashboards, reports, alerts, forecasting agents) based on thoughtfully designed business use cases, to enable more informed decision making. Please review my linkedin profile for additional information of what I do / we do: www.linkedin.com/in/dcb3g



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