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Incego is a tech startup that generates demand manufacturers. Our service combines crowdsourced advertising budget, managed search engine marketing, collaborative ecommerce and experts that makes it all work to boost distributor inquiries and consumer demand. For more information visit us at http://www.incego.com.


We need to develop a unique logo to better represent our new business model. The logo will be used on our website, customer-only area, and business cards. We are looking for a simple, clean, smart, unique, approachable design to convey our out-of-the-box approach.

Some ideas and guidelines (but really we want to see where your creativity takes you):

- Because there is a crowdsourcing element to our service, one idea is to have smaller elements coming together, like a mosaic, to form a larger whole. This can be applied to the logo graphic, any or all of the text or individual letter or letters.

- Growth, growing, perhaps doing something with the 0 of "Incego" growing it out in concentric circles

- The logo text can be call caps, all lowercase or title case

- Thoughts behind our current design is a link between three distinct entities the manufacturers, distributors and consumers.

We will also be attaching a tagline to the logo. Possible candidates:

- Demand generation, not software

- Demand generation engine

- Complete. Demand. Generation.

- Outsourced demand generation

Pay no attention to the existing color scheme of our site, which will likely be redesigned in our next crowdspring project to match the color(s) in the logo. The logo will likely be set against a white background.


There are two distinct groups that we serve - manufacturers and contributors. Within a typical manufacturing organization, we normally speak with the marketing manager, channel sales manager, or the owner in the case of a small manufacturer. Manufacturers are the ones that pay for our service.

Contributors can be any businesses or individuals that provide money to help our manufacturing customers advertise their products. Although contributors do not pay to use our service, their monetary contributions are what makes it all go.


Idealab http://www.idealab.com/ The logo graphic probably symbolizes a thought bubble, it can also be seen as different thing coming together. Very clean, smart and sharp design.

Turn http://www.turn.com/ Great use of simple, smart, approachable design that reflects the name

Tingz http://www.tingz.net/ Great use of colors, eye-catching logo graphic, unique design, though the font is on the complicated, too-stylish side

Amazon Web Services http://aws.amazon.com/ Like the idea of the building blocks or components in the logo graphic

Dropbox http://www.getdropbox.com/ Very clean, smart design that works for both enterprise and individual customer

GetSatisfaction http://www.getsatisfaction.com/ Unique, friendly, eye-catching

Smartree http://www.smartree.com/en/ Interesting colors, good integration of logo graphic into the text

Salesforce.com http://www.salesforce.com Clean, friendly. Elegant f font.

Google App Engine http://code.google.com/appengine/ A bit too cartoony, but like the idea of an growth engine.



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