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I'm looking for an awesome custom logo to represent my personal brand - steadiCAMPBELL.


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Top 3 Things

1) A sticker art/highly stylized line drawing that is NOT photo realistic, but is suggestive of my likeness.
2) Please include a braided beard and birds in this design to emphasize my Celtic heritage.
3) This should be a mark that is very easily recognizable at a quick glance that it represents my personal brand.


I want a logo that is styled like a nordic war emblem (see reference images included below).

I would like it to feature a stylized line drawing similar to my likeness and incorporate a braided beard, birds, and/or thistle to emphasize my Celtic heritage.

I am looking for a logo that a grafitti artist might put up all over a city as a way of spreading their iconic brand mark. I will be using this logo on stickers, for example, to spread throughout my city.

I have an existing design that you can use for inspiration, as it is an excellent foundation for the style and graphic quality I am looking for. It is included in the Files section for your reference.



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