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There are no client updates at this time.

Spark Social Media is a new/social media consulting and development agency. While we offer consulting and develop for a number of different SM genres (podcasting, blogging, live shows, presence apps, etc.) our emphasis is on *building online communities* that utilize the most innovative and effective tools.

We've been serving a number of different types of clients, but tend to be working with those who have small businesses who wish to extend their reach, 'move with the times', and improve their customer relations using the latest social media tools.

I have another business called Spark Northwest that also helps people build community and become more creative/innovative, but in a face-to-face setting (personal coaching, leadership development, innovation work, organizational development, etc.)

The 'Spark' is the key branding element to both (duh) and, for now, I have simply lifted the Spark from SparkNW.com's logo and have been using it at www.SparkSocialMedia.com -not v. professional and doesn't 'say' very much. You can check out both sites to see a)more about me and b)why I need design help. ;)

Basically, I'm looking for a logo that will communicate:

1. Creative/Innovative 'spark' -like Energy

2. The social/interactive aspect

3. I hate to say it, but, a good 'web 2.0' feel

I'm still wrestling with how much to keep my two businesses separate, but will likely have the Spark be contiguous between the two businesses. Feel free to ask/email me any questions (info at sparksocialmedia.com)



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