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About Your Company

We are a full-service catering company specializing in Southern Cuisine. Which includes Cajun, Creole & Award Winning Barbecue.

Our cuisine is prepared using farm FRESH, NATURAL ingredients creating exceptional food with BOLD flavors.

We take our name from a part of rural Southeast Missouri known as the "Bootheel" [boot-heel]. The Missouri Bootheel is the southeastern part of the state where the Missouri border dips down in to Arkansas forming a rectangular-shaped extension that resembles the heel of a boot. Some might say it’s a “panhandle”.

Our name is often mispronounced so it would be great if there is a way to help people understand where the name comes from.

The Bootheel region is unique! It brings together the culinary influences not only from Missouri, but those of Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and even Texas! The Bootheel's proximity to the Mississippi River means that over many years, generations of travelers with diverse cultural backgrounds influenced the region. This created a cultural melting pot that shaped the culinary techniques and flavors of the region. These early travelers and settlers used a variety of farm fresh ingredients and cooking methods that produced incredible food with bold flavors….our food is reflective of this style of fresh and inspiring cuisine.

Our client base is located in the Washington DC metro area. So we work in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. 60% of our business is in Northern Virginia.
Our client base is about evenly split between men & women however 70% of our buyers/decision makers are women.
Age is 25-75 years old with the average age range 35-55.
Our clients are affluent – very affluent and very well educated.
We cater parties of all types, including birthdays, wedding receptions, corporate outings, any type of celebration.
We work in private homes, parks, office buildings, pretty much anywhere our clients have a party.

One of our tag lines is “Barbecue to Black Tie” which indicates the type of party we cater can be super casual with disposables and a buffet to formal with china, linens, silverware, passed hors d'oeuvres and a seated dinner.

Additionally, some things we do that set us apart from other caterers in this area.
Whole Barbecued Pigs – using all natural, locally raised pigs
Crawfish Boils – using fresh live crawfish flown in from Louisiana.
Fish Fry’s - using only domestic farm raised catfish

I want to convey the following…
Our name: Bootheel Catering
What makes us different/special: Bold Fresh Natural
What we do/our specialty Southern Cuisine to include Cajun, Creole & Award Winning Barbecue (or just Barbecue)

We have two tag lines which can be incorporated in your design, but it is not mandatory.
"Fun Food For Festive Occasions" has been used the most but we also use
"Barbecue to Black Tie"! I don’t know how to incorporate both messages into a shorter simpler line.

Also this will be our new logo moving forward so it will be on our website
www.bootheelcatering.com and it will also go on our new food truck.

We are very open to your vision of this logo but please don’t send us drafts that look like something has just been thrown together. I can do that myself!

Thank you for your time!


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Bootheel Catering
Bold Fresh Natural
Southern Cuisine to include Cajun, Creole & Award Winning Barbecue (or just Barbecue)

Top 3 Things

1. Our name: Bootheel Catering
2. What we do/our specialty: Southern Cuisine to include Cajun, Creole & Award Winning Barbecue (or just Barbecue)
3. What makes us different/special: Bold Fresh Natural


We have nothing specific in mind and are very open to considering different designs.
We look forward to seeing what designs are submitted.

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If I think of something I will send it as an update.



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