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South Coast Mobile Homes is a Seller of Pre-owned, Refurbished and Brand New Mobile & Manufactured Homes. South Coast specializes in the ever increasing Senior Market. With 10,000 people nationwide retiring every day, the opportunity to provide services to a highly deserving and well off group of Americans is endless.

We are a Licensed Mobile Home Dealer working in Southern California with the goal of providing the Southern California Lifestyle to retired and retiring Seniors on a budget.

Half of our Clients are Seniors who are downsizing from larger single family homes and don't need the size or maintenance of their current larger home and want to reduce their monthly cost for their retirement years. By purchasing a Manufactured or Mobile Home they can invest a fraction of their current equity and invest the remaining equity in income producing accounts for future needs.

The other half of our target audience are seniors who wish to or need to stay in Southern California to be near family, health care needs or employment.

Either way, a Manufactured or Mobile Home can provide a very comfortable Coastal Lifestyle at a very affordable cost.

Sellers of Mobile and Manufactured Homes are also high on our list of important clients. In fact, they are the lifeblood of the industry since without them, there would be no Re-sale or Refurbished inventory to sell.

How will folks perceive South Coast Mobile Homes:

Mobile and Manufactured Home Sellers will know South Coast as a highly professional, attentive, effective and affordable way to market and sell a Mobile or Manufactured Home. Sellers will see that we can find buyers for their homes that other Dealers are unable or unwilling to find. Sellers will know that putting their investment into our hands will have greater benefits, greater service, and less worry. Service and professionalism with continued follow up will produce years of referrals and continued business.

Buyers will know us for our compassion, service, quality and professionalism and they will know that we care more about them than the money they pay us. This will result in customers for life who will call on us as sellers themselves in the future and refer us to both sellers and buyers for years. Buyers become our best advertising because they move into the Mobile Home Communities (Parks) in which we do the most business.

Our Mission at South Coast Mobile Homes is to provide world class service and support helping Buyers and Sellers of Mobile and Manufactured Homes Buy and Sell. Our agents will be the highest compensated in the industry and our service will extend far beyond the sale to maintain a relationship with the buyer and seller for life. We will be known for our customer service, quality of work and professionalism and will envied by competing companies and agents.

Our Sales Motto is: If our Clients feel we value their needs over our profits, they will continue providing and referring business to us for ever.

Our Staff Motto is: If our Employees and Agents feel we have their back and will always support them in their success, they will go to the matt to ensure our values are maintained and will work harder than the competition to secure the companie's success.

Article: Why are Manufactured Homes better than Site-Built?https://www.manufacturedhomes.com/blog/manufacturedhomes-better-than-site-built-homes/


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South Coast Mobile Homes

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