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Creative Brief

We want to create a suitable logo that will help form the basis for all our graphics, including a web site, stationery, promotional material, etc.

Other projects may follow (stationery, web site, marketing docs. etc.)

About SourcingZoom:

Sourcing is the process of sourcing products or services. In its simplest form it can be thought of as procurement but in its more sophisticated form it involves setting sourcing strategy, deciding whether to build solutions in-house or to source externally from a third party and implementing the sourcing strategy which can involve a Request For Proposal (RFP) process, vendor evaluation and contract negotiations. When it involves transferring an existing service (i.e. internal computer operations) to a third party and buying service under a multi-year contract it is referred to as Outsourcing.

SourcingZoom will be a web portal that will support the sourcing process.

Target audience:

The target audience will consist of sourcing executives either working on the buy-side (within companies looking to source/Outsource) or working on the supply-side (consultants and vendors). These executives will be from small to medium size firms and will include project manages, managers and senior managers etc.


The image needs to portray that of a professional services firm however it needs to appeal to a mass market. It must portray that of a mature firm and one of some size and instill professionalism and confidence while not seeming too exclusive or expensive for its target market.

More traditional firms that follow the "trusted Advisor" model are TPI.net, Alsbridge.com and EquaTerra.com.

Keywords / Themes:

Professional, qualified, trustworthy, credible, a valuable resource, cost-effective, reliable, easy-to-use.

Logo Designs:

The logo must be fresh, clean, crisp, and modern.

Take a look at these other designs but dont let them restrict your thinking. They are clean and we like the simplicity of them but a similar design may not be best suited for our brand: Discover Card, Pinkberry, Truecredit, About.com, Zoombak, Zipcar.

As it is primarily a business accessible via the internet it is important to associate the name SourcingZoom with the .com bit. For example LegalZoom is marketed as it states but the logo includes the URL.



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