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Sonrai Analytics Ltd - the Company is creating a scalable, flexible and dynamic analytical platform for modern healthcare research initiatives. Given today’s research requirements and governance, the ability to centrally warehouse information in a safe and scalable database architecture with an analytical front-end allows researchers the ability to mine information within key programmes internally and share accepted information to front facing clients. This framework will operate as a web based resource where data can be uploaded seamlessly and embedded immediately into their data analytical hub. Such a model operates as an ‘app store’ of tools, given its modularised design to scale directly to an individual company/research institutes requirements. Newly emergent and bespoke companies requiring a technology with which to accelerate and visualise their information will avail of such architecture.


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Sonrai Analytics

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https://www.creativebloq.com/inspiration... Monzo, Elevatr and Houndlabs logos from this list are all really effective.

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Sonrai is the gaelic word for data. So maybe try some celtic link in the logo, but this is not a requirement and don't want any such link to be gimmicky.
https://www.creativebloq.com/inspiration.... Like the Monzo, Elevatr and Houndlabs logos on this link.



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