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Perssonas is Beverly Hills based social media company that just started with its Angel round of funding.

Please note that the name of the company, Perssonas, is intentionally misspelled to show that we use RSS and XML to aggregate data.

Design considerations:

* web 2.0 look, stylized and not photo-realistic.

* fun, maybe a little cartoony, but not kiddy. No anime.

* we like the idea to personify the "P" in Personnas by making it bug-like. perhaps this will allow us to use the "P" bug as an icon when we don't want to use the full Perssonas logo.

* this is an option that i'm leaving up to you creatives - maybe do something to lightly accent the rss in Perssonas (see note above about the company spelling) - your call

* we're thinking predominantly blue with yellow/yellowish orange accenting - this logo will be on a white background.



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